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    Success lies in doing the right things at right time

    We often pressurize ourselves and our near and dear ones to do things always right and succeed always and if something goes wrong due to some reasons we tend to get demoralized and frustrated. There are times when we do the things perfectly when it is not critical but when the situation really demands, and it is absolutely required we fail. So if we do not do things right when really needed then it leads us nowhere though we may have been doing things right previously.

    Examples are recent World cup semi-final match between India and New Zealand where India failed when it really needed to win though it won most of the other matches. Another example is a student who has always done well in school exams does not do well in board exams. On the contrary, there may be another student who is mediocre in school exams and does very well in board exams where it matters most.

    Thus it really helps if we understand that we do not need to be successful and win always but it is essential to do the right things at the right time and succeed when it is really important.
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    Yes, it is absolutely correct that success lies in doing the right things at right time. Timing is a vital factor in our life and those who miss it fail miserable. The interesting thing about timing is that it generally does not repeat or present similar favourable situations again and again. So once missed is missed for lifetime. It is said that opportunities never knock at the door twice. It is a fact of life.

    There are people around who know these crucial aspect of timing versus their efforts for it and take advantage of this by timing their actions judiciously and prudently. There is no surprise that such people rise in their life and make benchmarks which all of us will like to imbibe in our lives.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Since childhood, we are told that hard work is the key to success but that's not true always. Hard work is essential in life to get successful but what's important than this is that we do the right things at the right moment otherwise the hard work we do go in vain. When you focus on doing the right things you direct your subconscious mind to create the right opportunities. Usually, people do all the hard work but don't get the desired success because of this only. We should make a strategy first and then should make small steps and should execute them within the time frame and monitor them. It's sure if the light efforts have applied a person will surely succeed in whatever he does. People usually fail because they don't make an effort rightly at the right moment once they hit it at the right moment they emerge as a successful person. Most of the successful persons know it and have done it in the past and that's the reason they are successful.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    True. Success always lies in doing the right thing at the right time. Strike the iron when it is hot. That is what we know about. So when to do and what to do should be known for one's success.
    Some people will not understand the concept and fail when it is actually needed to win. Yes. Indian team when all the league matches and it is on the top of the points gained list. But they failed very badly when a win is a must. This happens mainly because of not taking a bit of extra care when it is very much needed. KL Rahul stroke selection is very bad when he lost his wicket. Kohli and Rohit also adopted a little more than what they have done in the semifinal match. We lost in semifinals.
    My sister got very fewer marks in her college internal examinations. She understood the importance of spending more time in studies. She passed in the final examination in first class. She understood the important points and applied herself those points in the final examinations and stood successful. That should be the way one should do and see that we will do correct things in the correct time.

    always confident

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    A person can achieve success when he not only works hard but takes all important steps at the right time. Hard work, persistence and one's right approach to achieve success is important. And so is the right timings. A well-calculated decision and proper timing are crucial for heralding success in one's life.

    Be it semifinal between India and New Zealand (where india was unable to pull the game despite being in the prime form) or exam of a student (who is unable to score well in board exams but does good in the class test); determination, hard work and timing are prerequisites to success. "Strike the iron when it is hot" is apt here; hard work and persistence make our quest for success easy.

    If a person or an organisation is not performing better at the crucial stage then there is something seriously wrong. A thorough investigation is needed to look into the problem. Doing things at the right time is important but alone timing can't do much without taking into consideration other aspects important for achieving success.

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    Right planning, right timing and above all the right place to the right time would yield the best results. In an organisation, if one is occupying the important post. then he or she must gauge the expectations of the management and situation and thereby rearrange or adjust the works slated. For example, if one has the responsibility of disbursing the salaries in the first week of every month, then planning must be done in that direction. Management will not agree to any excuse in this regard. That particular employee has to seek all information pertaining to the present, leaves taken, advances are taken by employees and thereby tabulate the details in such a way the everything must be kept ready to disburse the salaries on the same day which was slated by the management.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As the writer pointed out, doing the right thing at the right time helps one to achieve the best. One need to be focused to get the correct thing at the correct slot. It helps you win or help you reach the target with ease. When we are prepared then every time is a right time, every opportunity is the right opportunity, every decision is a right decision and every steps taken takes you a step closer to success.

    Many a time, we wait for the right time but it never comes. The time flies and so do our opportunity to strike the right chord. Even a small chord at the wrong time makes the music odd so also the time. If you are well prepared, your plan will fall on the right path.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    Well said by the author. But the reality of life is that we are many times not able to identify the right time for our actions. Identifying the right time for our efforts is the main challenge in our life and if that is done then many failures can be avoided.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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