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    Does a signature mismatch invalidate my candidature for a Central Government job?

    I have been selected for a Central Govt. job. However, my signature was mismatched. Will this affect my chances of getting the job? What further steps can I take to ensure the selection is not affected due to the mismatched signature?
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    Signature mismatch is a big issue in banks and financial transactions but in this case it should not be a problem. You can produce the Aadhar card or other such credentials in your favour. They may ask you to sign again in their presence also. If you have forgotten what signature you put there and now putting an entirely new signature then such problem of identification do arise.

    You should be careful in making your signatures and try to keep them as consistent as possible otherwise in future you will have problems in banks and other financial institutions when you invest money in them.

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    It happens that our signature mismatches. In my opinion, you should contact the selection committee head and prove your identity and convince him/her. And you should be careful in future as it may be harmful.

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    Mismatching of the signature may create problems while withdrawing a cash from the Bank with the issuance of a cheque. Any deviation in the earlier signature kept in their records may debar you from encasing the money even from your account. To remain in safe - side, it is always better to preserve such signatures in a secret - diary and in case of ambiguity, such a diary may be referred to.
    However, such issues can be resolved on production of your Aadhar - card and PAN - card where the controversy with respect to variance of signature arises. However, consistency in maintaining the signature is the best practice.

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    The signature should be the same in all cases. But if it is with the bank the matter will become a serious issue. So one should be careful about this issue. However, the case mentioned by you is regarding your job. You can inform them the mistake happened and you can show your bank signature or signatures on other important documents and you can resubmit your correct signature to the. You may not have any problem and your selection may not become a problem because of this difference. You need not worry much about that. Take the required action as suggested.
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    What I feel that signature changes from person to person based on their practice and put to usage as the age goes by For example a tenth class student who happens to sign the papers for hall ticket purpose puts signature as name or some style. And once he gets into higher education and more, the signature changes. But the main issue for signature would be with the bankers. And many have changed their signature during their course of life and the authorities are most concerned about your identity supporting documents and not the signature in such. So the author need not to worry on the issue.
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    Signatures always create problem for many. Many a times your cheques gets bounced due to mismatch in signature and thus need to be very careful. One can practice the same and keep one or two signatures for personnel and official purpose.

    Our signatures changes with time as well mentioned by members in their reply but after a certain period of time, one need to keep fixed signature for all purpose. It is advisable to follow same signature for all banking transaction and other for local or personal needs. This way you can focus on the signature and relieve oneself from mismatch.

    Normally, only financial transactions like banks are rigid with your signature mismatch, others can excuse you by providing other official details like Marksheet copy, aadhar card copy or other valid id. Do keep in touch with the concern department and provide your validation before the time flies. This can help you get back the central government job.

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    Signature is a very important thing and it is something which is unique to a person. There is no point in changing from time to time. It so happens that during our student life that we change it just for the fun of it but it is a costly fun. We must understand that the signature is the confirmation of our identity and only in the cases where it does not match then other credentials are asked by the authorities.
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