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    A token of appreciation for the editors of ISC.

    There are many posts, articles, information updates, job postings, answers etc submitted by the members daily and editors have to scrutinise them and process accordingly. Seeing the handful of voluntering editors it is a massive job and requires time and energy. In such a scenario we may sometimes feel or assume that they might not be seeing everything seriously. But it is not so. They are meticulously examining each and everything and taking a decision based on that.

    I am mostly focussed in Ask Expert section and in last 2 years of my activity in that section I have tried to answer about 1700 questions as per my capacity and capability. Only 2-3 times it happened that I was asked to correct them and resubmit. Otherwise, as I always check them once again before submission, there are usually no problems.

    Recently in one of my answers I made a mistake in the last para and there was some lack of clarity and ambiguity which I could not find out during my revision but the concerned editor indicated it and put my answer in pending category. I got the point and immediately corrected it and resubmitted and it was approved the next day.

    What I want to say from this example is that our ISC editors are checking the submissions meticulously and scrutinising the contents very carefully. I want to put through this post appreciation for their hard work.
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    And that's the reason why this site is standing tall compared to the other writing sites.

    Thanks to the editors. It's not an easy job to check each and every sentence you write here. It's very tedious work and the ISC editor do it well.


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    Editor's role is important and when they do fulfil the expectations from the site administration only they can prosper.
    Same is the case with the members also. All the members should adhere to the guidelines while they perform on the site. Then only the site will perform well. Otherwise, the site will be like any other non-performing I feel the webmaster and the administration of the site will play an important role more than that of the Editors I feel. Luckily the administration of this site is excellent and the webmaster deserves all the appreciations for that.
    I have seen many sites where the webmasters will directly criticize the actions of the Editors and come down heavily on them. But on this site, the webmaster is very moderate and he supports his people in all difficult times and he may be advising them separately. This is the main reason for the success of the site.

    always confident

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    Every work if undertaken needs lot of hard work. Here, all the incharge i.e admins, editors and moderators as they have to deal with different types or style of writings. They need to go through every post and proofread the articles, threads and resources in order to keep the standard of the site.

    The work of each and every person in the editorial and administration board is applaudable. In this post, I too take this opportunity to thank every background members who work hard to keep up with the standard and reputation of the site.

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    All these many years we have been seeing the editors works which is again an addition responsibility apart from being active as a member. Nevertheless, we have seen great patience and coordination by editors who gave a chance for the members to guide and edit their contents and thus become the right mentors in the long run. And governing, maintaining this forum section is also equally challenging as the editors must be posted with the right information to correct the members who submitted the contents. Surely we have to respect the editors for their extra work dedicated to this site.
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    When I joined this site, my initial articles were having some formatting problem as well as spelling and syntax issues. My submissions were put in pending category and I was even suggested by the editors as what type of corrections I had to do. Slowly, I learned these things and now most of my submissions are being accepted in the first go and I have earned many awards also in the contests. So, definitely the editors are giving sufficient time in scrutiny of the submissions and we must be thankful to them for their volunteering hard work. This is the uniqueness of this site that we are learning in this process of writing and contributing here.
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    While we receive mostly complaints in the forum, such a message really makes us feel good. Thank you all for the word of appreciation. You motivate us to work harder and better.

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