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Are you having difficulties in understanding article submission guidelines? Seek guidance in this Help Desk thread.
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    Article Help Desk: get guidance on submission of articles

    Since we have some new members enthusiastically contributing to our articles' section, we are initiating this thread to guide you if you require clarity on any aspect. Those already contributing can also post their queries related to articles.

    Some pointers-
    1. There is no need to put a full stop or question mark in the title.
    2. Instead of putting a title like 'Admissions open for Undergraduate, Postgraduate courses at Institute of Educational Studies Bangalore 2019 ' you can put it as 'Institute of Educational Studies Bangalore UG, PG courses admissions 2019' or 'How to apply for Institute of Educational Studies Bangalore UG, PG courses 2019 admissions'.
    3. When you put the first sentence of a paragraph on the same line as a heading, right after closing the h2 or h3 tag, the space between the heading and the start of the paragraph is removed and the text appears better.
    4. Little words like 'a' and 'the' are as important as the larger words you use.
    5. Do not needlessly put headings in all caps, unless it is an acronym which is required. Same with words in a sentence. Use a capital letter only when really necessary.
    6. Always begin the first word of a sentence with a capital letter.
    7. Try to avoid putting a sentence dangling by itself on separate lines. As per the advice which was given to me by Tony Sir, a paragraph should have text which is connected, not just reams of independent lines.
    8. Good content is text with proper sentence formation placed in paragraphs, not listed data.
    9. Do not put words like 'click here' or 'check this link' as anchor text in the HTML tag when giving an internal or an external link. Always put good keywords, meaning words which are relevant to the linked page and which will clearly indicate what the linked page is about. In the case of internal links, such anchor text incites the reader to remain within our site which is immensely beneficial.
    10. Always, always, look at the article after hitting the submit button. Don't click on the submit button and go away. You will likely see that you did not close an HTML tag properly or dropped a word somewhere.

    Most important: If you are unsure about something related to article submission, ask! It is as simple as submitting a forum thread for guidance. Don't get frustrated at the constant shifting of an article to pending status or getting deleted. Ask why if you have not understood and get clarity. The whole purpose is to learn first and then earn the cash credits for content.

    So, any queries? Ask in this thread!

    One alert advisory as issued by the Webmasters today: The category of Recipes will likely be archived one day and editors will no longer be giving high points and cash credits for such articles.

    I had submitted this article some years ago, which you may find useful: Good Article Writing Tips. Members are welcome to provide links to other useful articles related to submitting articles at ISC.
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    A good and desired article of time as we have seen many members coming in front and asking clarification for rejection, deletion or shifting of articles that are submitted by them. This will help everyone to provide better presentation to the article along with language.

    I would like to suggest the deletion button for members. As we are not able to delete any article, thread or reply that we have posted as it will help to clear the unwanted thread.The privilege can be given to members after certain points or category which will help the moderating team as well as the members. Deletion only to their ost or articles which they feels was posted wrongly, is a repetition or need to change the language.

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    We do have a draft option feature. If you are unsure of whether or not to submit the article, you can save it first as a draft. It would not be appropriate to make provision for a delete button. It would result in misuse, with members getting cc, taking payment and then deleting it. It is also unethical to delete an article once it is approved. If an article needs to be deleted before it has been reviewed, the member can raise a forum thread, requesting for it to be deleted. Once it is approved and published, it becomes the property of the site and it will not be deleted unless it is for a reason which the Webmasters consider to be valid.

    Similarly, in case there is a need to change the text, language, etc, a forum request can be posted.

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    I have submitted an article(a book review) today and haven't used any HTML tags. Is it necessary to use the HTML tags? Will it affect the article?

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    Yes, Ann Wilson. It is necessary to use HTML tags for headings and for a lengthy list of points (numbered or not). The Webmasters stated that content gets presented in a better way with the use of the appropriate HTML tags. Certain tags are not allowed, though, which are mentioned in the list of instructions which are placed right next to the box where you put in the text of the article.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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