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    Reviews of tv shows and web series

    I am an old member who was not active in ISC. So I am not sure about reviewing tv shows and web series here. So my query is that, is it possible to write reviews of the same? Will it be consideredas part of the revenue program which is provided by ISC?
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    I have seen many articles on reviews of movies in various languages in the article section. I have also written an article in which I reviewed Telugu movies. Some points and CC were given to such articles also and they are considered for publication. Similarly, I have seen some threads about some TV shows and movies and members shared their views on the thread. So there is no problem and you can also do the same. The same is the case with web series also. But if you want cash credits (cc) also, you have to write an article because a thread may attract some cc or may not. But all approved articles will carry some cc also along with points. I wish you all the best.
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    Thank you Srinivas. I really appreciate the quick response and will do my best here.

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    Welcome back Ann! Coming to your query, you can post a thread about anything, within the guidelines of this site, in the forum section provided the content you post has the potential to elicit some discussion. If you are planning to write detailed reviews, it would be better to post them as articles. You will be eligible for better cc and also can add
    revenue to the site. Please refresh your memory about the Posting Guidelines and Policies.

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    Good to know that you are an old member. I welcome you back to this platform. Your post made me to respond as I have posted some movie reviews as articles here and those were approved and published. You can go through them just in case you want to see their format. One of them which I posted recently is 'Review of Hindi movie - Kesari', where Kesari is a patriotic movie pertaining to British India (pre independence period).

    Regarding the revenue share issue, if you have a valid Adsense account, you can link it to your profile in ISC and can earn the revenue as per the Google Adsense revenue program. Hope you stay here and contribute your work in this platform regularly. All the best.

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    I have seen some such reviews in this site and they are well received by the readers. So one can definitely write such reviews and submit here. As regards the TV serials and web serials, I am not sure whether people will be much interested in that. As these serials are generally seen in a particular area of the world and are demographically sensitive. Still writing on them and presenting in form of an article is a good idea and only after publishing we will know the response of the readers on that.
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    AS every member have provided their reply, You can post reviews on TV show's, Movies, Books, Technologies, Gadgets, etc. The only thing that one need to keep in mind is the content, language and the write up. If you can provide good reviews to movies ( Any language), you can post it as an article or resources and this will help you and the site ti gain revenue.
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    Welcome back to the site.

    Most of the members have already responded to your query and by the time you might have understood that you can write a review on anything in the article section. You can write a review of any series or movie of any language but you have to write it here in English only.


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