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    Can youngsters be more involved than as of now?

    Unless the youth participate more in nation building, nothing can happen. Apart from the normally widespread activities like the blood collection camps organized through the various social clubs, there is an urgent need to involve students in constructive activities such as planting tree saplings, enabling the deepening of ponds and lakes, initiating rain water harvesting schemes and so on. Unless this is done systematically, the net result cannot be huge. The key question is to involve celebrities to rope in a larger number of people and also mobilize resources from the public. When the number of people are huge, we can easily see the benefits : the vested interests who normally try to create hurdles will possibly stay away and co-operate. If Members are aware of some mass movements lead by youth, please do present them here.

    We can discuss out-of-the-box suggestions as well.
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    Citizens of a country are the vital force behind the progress of the country and as said that youngsters are the citizens of the future, it is required that they should be brought to the stream and should be told what their role is in nation building or development of the society. Participation is a necessary element in nation building and if the young people think themselves as aloof and indifferent for this task then the country can not prosper in any direction or field. It is our duty to mould the young generation in positive and fruitful ways to make them able to contribute for the nation. They must understand that they will be prosperous only if the nation progresses.
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    The young generation of a country is vital for prosperity provided they are mentally and physically strong and, are able to shoulder the responsibilities in different aspects of life. If the youth of a country is weak or indulge in illegal activities instead of doing progressive things in society, then it is the biggest tragedy for the country. Youth are the future of a country. They are the pillars of any nation. They are the ray of hope for a country.

    It is very important to involve youth in constructive and progressive activities to develop their personalities and help them understand different aspect of life and how they can excel in those fields and help the country become prosperous.

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    Young people are the backbone of tomorrow's India and if good and progressives thoughts are inculcated in their minds in time then there will be all round progress in future and we can hove a good society to emerge out of that. There are two dimensions in the life of young people one is the home where they learn a great bit of things from the parents and family members. Other is school/ college and workplace where they pick up things from the society. We should have good traits and examples in both the places if we are really interested to show positive paths to the young people in their lives. So, first we have to bring ourselves to that benchmark and after that only we can hope that the young people will follow the suit.
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    Youngblood only can do and execute. Elders can only share their views and advise. Implementation is in the hands of young people. Always the change will come only when young people are involved. Any work taken up by young people will have more chances of success if they are serious and sincere in that work. That is always many people say. I also agree with that 100%. The only thing they require is proper guidance and good companions. But unfortunately, many of the young people are more busy with their lives as they have to settle well in their lives. They give more importance to their settlement in life rather than social causes. That too in a country like India where employment is the biggest problem and heavy competition is the order of the day, youth are not able to think in these lines. I think the government should make some groups for each village with some young people in that area and they should be given some encouragement financially to work for society. The good work done by them should be recognised and such people should be given some weight in getting selected for a job, Then many youths will get attracted to such activities, I think.
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