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    What is happening in women's entrance issue in Sabarimala?

    During elections time there was a lot of tension between pro activist and opposing activists of entry of women to Sabarimala temple. Political parties interested in this issue to garner votes behind them worked hard for their success. But after elections are over there is no news regarding this issue. After people's verdict which does not promote any views of political parties in this issue subsided very quickly. What is the present status of this issue in Sabarimala temple? Are women able to enter into the temple at present without any restrictions? How this issue easily sublimed without any complications?
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    I think we will see again when the season starts. Many people will go to that place in the months of November, December and January. Some may go in February also. Last time because of the court verdict there was a big issue and all the parties did their best to utilise the occasion for procuring some extra votes. But I don't know who got benefitted. Now that problem is not there. Many Ladies are also not showing interest. But some ladies will be there who wanted to visit. The actual position will only be known again after the season starts. Till such time we may not hear much about that issue, I feel.
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    Once the political gain from the issue is over then the issue goes in the background. In our country many such issues are no where to be seen. Same thing is happening with this issue and if there is a resistance by miscreants the ladies will avoid going there.
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    When the issue is hot everyone jumps there to take the political mileage or to cover the news in details for the TRP of the channel. So, at that time every channel was showing it every hour. The leaders were giving their comments on the situations and taking sides depending on their own agenda. Now the court has given verdict and implementation is to be done which is the responsibility of the state. How the state is going to control any untoward incident or agitation, it is to be seen in due course when the temple season starts and crowd to the temple increases.
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    At present, the temple is closed for everyone and when it opens for the seasons, the trouble makers would again start the issue. They should not play with the sentiments of the people and the rule of the temple must be followed and no questions asked. One of the Malayalee friends with whom I discussed the issue said that this time also the state was battered with rains and huge damage was done and all these are happening because of Ayyappa temple issue and the state government has faltered heavily. So the Keralites know the reality and how they would take along this season has to be seen.
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    Present status is nothing.
    This issue will be revived in 2021, before assembly election.

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    Neeraj is correct in his assessment. This is only a political issue now and parties will take up when next election announced. In the recent Loksabha elections, Congress benefitted this issue and let's see how this again develops next time.
    It is wrong to say the temple is closed now. Please note that this temple is opening every month (Malayalee calendar 1-3 days) and many devotees are going there without any issue.
    Hope that the final verdict of Supreme court will be out by that time. So politicians can not use this issue to that extent.
    Another news that the efforts to construct a new airport near this forest temple also postponed. Many people told that the issue of lady entering to Sabarimala started by the influence of these people who are behind the airport. They need more people to come to Sabarimala for the existence of the airport.


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