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    Why top experts from the cricket field are not inducted as coaches in India?

    India is one of the richest Cricket organization in the World. They can spend any much amount for development of Cricket in India. They can select any legend of Indian or foreign origin in particular department of cricket for training our National team. But when we see to coach or select Indian team some of the failure players of Indian origin are selected by BCCI. Any top most legends of particular department of the likes of McGrawth, Tom Moody, Ganguly, Anil Kumble, Greg Chapel, Jayawardene, Jaunty Rhodes, Sewhag etc. were not selected. But BCCI recruiting players who are not done any good to Indian team is selecting. For example, Rahul Dravid who is an exceptional expert of this field is doing so much good to upbring young talent to Indian team. Such exceptional players in a particular department can command respect from the players and such coaches can rectify the defects of the players. Vikram Rathode a failure player of the past Indian team who was selected as a batting coach what techniques he can improve in the players who are above his standards.
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    For that matter, there is no need for a coach to any team when there is a formidable captain who is well versed and even an all-rounder. But in India, the cricket is heavily politicised and involvement of politicians in selecting the players and how to play and how to give importance to every state in selections are scrutinized and decided and hence even in selecting coach the party politics spoil the game. Actually, our boys decide on their own when they face the bowlers and the field. They will simply forget the diction given at the dressing room by the coach or the captain, because cricket is the individual performance game.
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    As mentioned by the writer, BCCI, the richest board of cricket are not keen on taking the best of the lot for coaching the Indian team. We all know that India has the best talent but they need to be guided well that will help to correct their mistakes like footing, stroke, drives, shots, pitching, yoker, swing, spin, running between the wickets, overthrow, direct hit, throw, field placement, etc.

    As mention by Mohanji, Politics and under table plays a dirty role in selecting the players aw well as their coaches. When the left out of the lot is taken to coach the emerging team, what can be expected? As cricket is individual as well as a team game, Individually they will be able to perform but when it comes to a team, they may lag. It is very important for a team game to have correct coordination among players, field setting and changing of order according to the situation.

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    In my opinion, the coach posts are rehabilitation posts. Neither they have the skill nor they respect command from the players. So far I have seen only two exemptions. One is Rahul Dravid. He is never the coach for senior players. But he is doing an excellent job for under 19. He never opted to be a coach for the senior team. He knows the problems in that post. Anil Kumble is the second one. He tried his best and he worked as a real coach and people never liked him and that is why he never comes again to apply for that post. Who is Ravi Shastri before Gavaskar, Visvanath, Sachin, Dravid, Kumble and Ganguly? So the skill in the game is not the criteria.
    How much influence ha had on the Captain, how much he can influence the big people in BCCI is more important than other issues. Anyhow, we want a Guru who never troubles us and never makes us read and gives freedom and drinks with us by sitting with us. The candidate should be able to have political clout as well as the support of the players.

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    We have to see that in our country there is a whole panel of coaches including one head coach and then the supporting staff. Now the head coach is the person who has given some contributions in cricket as a player no matter if he is a legend or not. Now from time to time, I have seen many head coaches who may not be the legends but improved the stature of Indian cricket like John wright, Gary Kristen, and some others. Then comes the support staff who are the personnel involving experts in certain trades of the game like batting, fielding and other things. They do various acts on the advice of head coaches like giving knocks to the batsman or giving them the feel of bouncers by making them duck on the intentionally thrown bouncers and other minute things on the techniques. Now with Ravi Shastri as the head coach, we can't have Rahul Dravid as the support staff and we all know why. There is also a course for the coaches devised in BCCI exclusively to become the coach and even of they might not have the exposure to international cricket they really know the know-how to improve someone techniques and hence they can complement the head coach. It is not necessary to be legendary to become an effective coach. See all the other teams, they too have not so legendary players as coaches.

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    The posting of coach is a political decision and many times a candidate who may look suitable and competent might not get selected for that position. Moreover there are many good candidates so what is the criterion for selection for the post of coach? Is it seniority or experience or performance or relations with the higher ups in the selection committee, we do not know the exact thing happening. What we only know is that such and such person is selected as coach to the team. In such a situation how can we assume that the best person out of the available lot will be given a chance to become the coach.
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    I would say that a player who is good not necessarily maybe a good coach. It happens with the teachers they may teach good and the students of his/her may pass the toughest examination but the teacher might not have cleared those exams. Yes BCCI has lots of money and they can spend it on to select a good coach but they may not be willing to choose a foreign coach . May be they have learnt during the period of Greg Chappel.

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    Usually those who are brilliant in their field have an extra knackness than normal individuals. Similarly in teachers extraordinary teachers will be there who have the extra knackness which serve the purpose of gifted students. Similarly for brilliant cricketers extraordinary coaches are needed to learn unknown tactics.

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    A coach or a mentor should be able to perform and show in case the learner is not able to grasp the technique or subject properly. If a bowling coach has to give some tips to the bowler he should be able to deliver the ball and show He should be able to perform on his own. If necessary the coach should go to the level of the player and teach him.
    Ravi as head coach, we can't expect Rahul as support staff. True. But Rahul as head coach and Ravi as support staff may be a good combination. All the players who are playing at the international level are good and talented players only. So the coach should be an extraordinary only and should be the best among the available resources. The remuneration offered is so heftily that any best resource available can be roped in. But they may jot apply. So BCCI should approach them and make them agree.

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    This is a debatable issue. But the problem is we have n number of cricket experts and only one post for the coach. That is the main issue. In the past, we know only one person as a coach. now we have a head coach, a bowling coach, a batting coach and a fielding coach. So we can accommodate 4 people instead of one in the past. Maybe in the future, more specialisation will come and we will have the vacancy of more coaches.

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