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    When Social media is agog with negative news on Kashmir, 575 youths Join Army

    After the abrogation of article 370 in the state, Kashmir was in the news and in the social media with negative campaign against the bifurcation of the state. Notwithstanding the negative impact of Social media which was agog with videos and images of negative campaign and news on Kashmir, 575 youths braved themselves and joined Light infantry and proves that the youth of the Kashmir were eagerly waiting for the break and when the job opportunities were offered to them under the changed circumstances, they grabbed it.
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    Many people are welcoming the scrapping of article 370. Even opposition parties supported the move and there is no much anti attitude towards this. Many people are expecting that this is a good development and the people are expecting a positive change in the area. Anyhow some are not very happy with the restrictions imposed there and many wanted the government to ease the situation at the earliest. The central government may also work out in that direction and see that normalcy will be restored in the State.
    It is good youth there are understanding the situation and trying to grab the opportunities coming their way. This is a welcome feature. When there are some good developments takes place there will be some people who will try to bring out the negatives of the issue and unnecessarily make an issue out of no issue. I think many may ignore such attempts and never give importance to such issues.

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    The news from Kashmir is a welcoming one. We are expecting to withdraw the restrictions and then only we can show the world that Kashmiris are happy with the recent decision of withdrawing the article 370 by the central government.
    I think the protest from a small area in the Kashmir valley and this is due to unemployment. If the state administrative can fill the confidence in them that they will get the employment immediately, many youths may rethink in their decision to criticise India.
    Also, there is negative publicity by certain westen media along with Pakistan is spreading in the social media. This should be targetted and destroy such efforts.


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    It makes me happy to know that Kashmiri youths are joining the army instead of joining the gang of stone pelters and terrorists. Abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A is welcomed by many Kashmiris who understand that the abrogation was the need of the hour and without it, Kashmir would have fallen into the swamp of terrorism. There would never have been any kind of development. The heaven on Earth would have converted into hell.

    Those who still oppose the new laws made by the government should try to look into the future of Kashmir. Instead of siding with those who claim to liberate Kashmir from the so-called bonds of India, they should help the government to enhance the beauty of the heaven that Kashmir is. Enough of chaos and curfew, peace should prevail in Kashmir.

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