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    New Zealand tour of Indian cricket tem - a challenging one

    Can Indian cricket team win in New Zealand in the coming tour? Cricket lovers not only in India but all over the world looking for that match. It will happen in NewZealand. As we know that the New Zealand team defeated India in the Semifinals of the world cup. If Indian can win in New Zealand, it will be the reply for them.
    But there are many points which are against the team. The pitches in NewZealand is always challenging for batsmen from sub-continent countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh.
    It is helpful for fast bowlers and always in overcast conditions with strong wind.

    Also, the present New Zealand team is strong under brilliant captain Kane Williamson. So I am waiting for that series eagerly.
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    Having beaten West Indies, our boys are having good confidence and rearing to go for any country and play any format of matches to register a comfortable win. Though NZ may have the advantage of their performance in world cup, the latest sensation in Indian side like Bumrah and Hanuma can create problems for New Zealand. But again we cannot underestimate any team no matter they played well or not in the recent past. Our boys should play for the country and not for their Individual performance or score and if that attitude is created, we can even beat New Zealand too.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It would be really a good series with the good side playing against us but what I feel is Indian team is pretty strong as compared to New Zealand and the last time India came to New Zealand she defeated her one-sidedly I would say in ODI series and it's a fact that she has defeated India in semi-finals but the odds happen once in a while in high-pressure matches and semi-final was the one match where there were many things that didn't go in the favor. So I am ready to watch the series and fingers are crossed already.

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    It's not necessary to give a reply for the lost World Cup match against New Zealand. It is bad hold grudges. Instead, Indian team should practice a lot, watch old matches, observe how the New Zealand players play, what are their strong and weak points and plan a good strategy to win.

    Indian team needs to acknowledge their strong and weak points, try to improve them so they can use them in the matches against New Zealand.

    Since India lost match to New Zealand, it would be very exciting to see what happens in this match. There would be a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and stadiums would be crowded with passionate audiences. It's surely going to be a nail biting match and like others I am looking forward to it.

    All the best to Indian Cricket Team. Hope they win.

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    Cricket is anybody's game. All depends on that particular day how the players perform. Players like Tendulkar also got out cheaply. We can't underestimate such player's skills. A bad day and a good ball may change the fortunes. Indian team is now with a lot of energy and in a positive mood. They have registered wins in all the three formats of the game against West Indies. New Zealand also lost in finals of world cup. So that will not be a matter for this series.
    Both the teams are strong. Hanuman and Burmah are doing good in addition to other regular players. So the pitches in Newzealand may not be very difficult for our players and they may help our players particularly bowlers
    As an Indian, I always wish that our team should perform well and win the series. I want them to come out with flying colours. I wish all the best and best of luck to our Indian team.

    always confident

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    It will be a tough series for the Indian team as the past trend says that Indian batsmen have struggled to play on the pitches of New Zealand. Also, the black caps have a very strong team. No doubt the Indian team is also good but New Zealand will have an advantage of playing in their own country. Indian team is motivated after winning the series against West Indies. Let's see what happens because cricket is a game of uncertainty and sometimes even the weak team wins when they have a lucky day.

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    In New Zealand, India won an ODI series and New Zealand gave a fitting reply by eliminating India in WC 2019. Yes, New Zealand will win the test series.
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    Although Indian cricket team has defeated West Indies easily, it's going to be a tough challenge to beat New Zealand in their own den. Also the tour is still five months away and India has 2 test series to play before that at home. While playing a series at home boosts confidence, at times it gets the players into some comfort zone. They develop some chunks in their techniques which get exposed in alien conditions. Basically there are pros as well as cons too.

    The pros:
    1-Having a good amount of cricket at home can boost the confidence of players because India is the team with best record at home in past 15 years. Leaving for an away tour with a lot of Ws ahead of your name surely boosts the confidence.
    2- Indian fast bowlers won't be needed much in Indian conditions so there's no chance of burnout and injuries prior to the New Zealand series. We all know how important the fast bowlers are while playing a test series in New Zealand
    3- Most of the home series in India will move ahead parallel to Ranji trophy, India's premier domestic competition. So India has a lot of options during the first phase of home season to test new players. This will reduce the stress on regulars and India might find a new star to go bang in New Zealand.

    The cons:
    1- Players, especially batsmen develop chunks in their techniques while playing a lot of games at home. They adopt according to the conditions and we all know that since West Indies and South Africa are touring, the wickets are going to turn square.
    2- The spinners go flat and quick in Indian conditions at times because the tracks provide sharp turn in this case. They get used to it forget about giving some air to the ball. Although in modern days, such mistakes are identified and fixed quickly, the muscle memory gets in the way sometimes.

    So yes, the India vs New Zealand series is going to be exciting. We are going to have some top players of this generation like Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Trent Boult and Jasprit Bumrah going head to head. A mouthwatering contest awaits if everything went well.

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    Against the New Zealand there will be good fight because bowling part is strong on both side and this time Bumrah, Sami, Ishant rocking and in form. Only problem is fitness for Ishant . He need to become fit in case of any issue Umesh Yadav will be replacement for him. Jadeja is rocking in both bat and ball . Against west indies they was more strong but against New Zealand it will be real test . Anyway best of luck for both team.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Yes, New Zealand will win the test series.""-------------------No comment on the comment of the certified pessimist.

    So far as analysis of the situation is concerned, I would like to state that the weather condition of New Zealand is drastically different than that of India or West Indies. The pitch will be different. The sunlight the air movement will be different. India will have to adjust the game accordingly.

    Although it would be a tough series, I am fully hopeful that the outcome will be in favour of India.

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    Right now the team India is very much encouraged and motivated and I have a strong feeling that they will be performing nicely in the NewZealand grounds. Our bowlers are doing very good. The players are playing in cohesion and fielding efforts are well coordinated. Our batsmen are also in good form and collectively the team India will be putting up a good show in these forthcoming matches.
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