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    19-year-old beaten and paraded in Madhya Pradesh for eloping, video shot on a cellphone

    On Sunday, a 19-year-old tribal woman was beaten with sticks and paraded by the male family members in Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh, for allegedly eloping with a man from another tribe. A 1 minute 40 seconds video, shot on a cellphone, probably by one of her tormentors, shows the poor woman being made to walk down the village road and thrashed with sticks by men while she cries for mercy.

    The police have begun the investigations, though no complaint has been received yet. Only after the statements of the woman and her father are recorded, police will be able to take further action in the matter.

    It is so upsetting and disturbing to see how cruelly the woman in our society are treated even today, how they are judged and punished for taking their own decisions. I hope the law punishes the men who harassed her and makes sure such incidents don't occur again.
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    Make love to life before it divorces you.

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    This post confirms the fact that atrocities on the women are still happening across the country and we are not getting any information, thanks to such exposures in social media. India feels pity for that woman who was not only beaten but also made to walk through the streets. And we see lots of news between Digvijay Singh and CM Kamal Nath who are trying to pacify one Minister who was not happy with the functioning of the government. This case is alarming and the National women commission will also involve and get justice to the woman. Hope law enforcing agencies act fast on this.
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    Very pathetic. Is it 21st century? What a foolish act? Why these things are happening? We heard that there were demons. These people are nothing but demons only. Only there are demons in the form human beings.
    The people who made her to parade should be punished very severely so that people should afraid of doing such acts.
    The girl is not a minor and she has every right to marry the person she likes if the other partner also accept her. Why these people should treat her like that.
    There are many such incidents happening but they are not getting limelight and the culprits are avoiding punishments. The other people in the village should not leave those family members and should see that hey will pay the penalty.

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    The inherent and rigid adherence to illogical culture often leads to honor killing, lynching, ride of disgrace or activities like taking law in the hands. I really don't know how the people get so much courage to do such crimes in the daylight and have the guts to record the scene? For sure they don't have any fear of lethargic police administration. Shaming the woman and assaulting her on the grounds of caste prestige and pride is really dismal incident.

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    It's upsetting that still, people in villages are such narrow-minded that they don't have a respect for the women. How can someone of her own family be so cruel and unmerciful? This unlucky woman might have been cursing her fate why she came back to the village or caught by the people. It's upsetting that the nation is progressing but the people still have such a mentality.

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    The woman eloped with other man but was caught and then beaten. In our society these things are happening day and night because the social system is very crude in this context and the woman can not sustain on her own as she is dependent on her family financially and otherwise. So to some extent the education of the woman and then her self sufficiency with a job is a pre requisite to avoid such atrocities on them. Otherwise the cruel people will torture them and harass for no fault of their. They in fact only wanted to lead their own life. Society is still not ready to respect women as they deserve.
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