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    Small states are not getting enough place in the national cricket team

    Shelden Jaxon, a player of Sourashtra Cricket team is openly came out and questioned that players from small teams are not getting enough chance to represent national team and teams like India A. As he mentioned Sourashtra team played three times out of last five Ranji finals. They have some good bowlers and batsmen but no one received the invitation to play in the Indian team. He also shared his figures shows he is performed really well in the Ranji Trophy last year.

    As India is a big country and only 15 or 16 players can include in the national team it is difficult for selectors to choose many players who are exceptionally well performed.

    Members please add your input on this
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    We can't go by states and there should not be any quota State wise. Only best performers should be considered. Selecting 15 to 16 players from the whole country is difficult. At the same time selectors can't ignore the players who are already earned reputation in international arena even though they have not performed well in domestic matches. In these circumstances it is Hercules task to the selectors. So we can't blame them also.
    We also know the tendency of Indians, They will try to put pressure on selectors through politicians and other VVIPs. In such conditions there is every chance for people to ignore some candidates or not able to give preference to them. It is all the game.
    Otherwise a novel method can be adopted by conducting a match for all the probables and the best performers can be selected from those matches.

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    This is a well-noted fact that we have many talented and aspiring players but seldom get a chance to play big games for state or country. It is sad to know that such players feel dejected when even after performing well in domestic cricket, they don't get better chances to show their skills. A player has very less space to show their expertise and they are right in their part when they come in front to show frustration.

    Sports should be only for flair players and the selection should be purely based on all-round performance. Quotas, politics or any other malpractices should be discouraged. This is the only way to get the best players to play and bring laurel to our country.

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    There are many states where lobbying takes place and if you are related to one of those lobbies then jack would be applied to make you play in the team or they would try to promote you. There are many corrupt state cricket boards and we have seen in the movie, the biopic of MS dhoni where the selectors organized the fresh selection of talented players all around the country without including the state boards because BCCI knew that the corrupt officials would never make the young players with no approach to the team. The corruption starts from District boards and I have been the victim of favourability with other talented ones. In the talent hunt, I was selected for the next round but then from the so-called coach's words behind my back I got to know that my name was cut and his own son was given priority. So it happens and talent matters too, I guess.

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    I have stated for many times through the replies to various questions raised on the subject, it is the well-known fact that in India cricket is heavily politicised and those who have high connections in politics are going to be benefited and merit performance has no place. India has so many states and at least the country should have two teams to represent alternatively for the International cricket. Otherwise, some arrangement has to be as to keep the A team for the One-day Internationals and T 20 matches and B team for the test matches, That way all the players representing their own state will have the feeling of playing for the country. One thing is sure the BCCI is not working to the satisfaction of new talent and they are heavily dependent on present players as much money is at stake on every player.
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    I don't agree. With the passage of time, cricket has spread all the parts of India. Even twenty years before, nobody could have imagined players in the India team from Kerala, Jharkhand, Orissa, Gujarat or Jammu & Kashmir. Players from Mumbai, Karnataka, Delhi and Tamil Nadu dominated the Indian team. But that is not the case today.

    With the spread of the base, the performance of India has also improved dramatically. It would further improve when players from North-East also join the Indian team.

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    Because of the tough competition, even talented players don't get a chance to include in the national team. It has become difficult. It's a matter of pride for a player to get included in the national team. I can understand the emotions of Sheldon Jexon, after performing well by his team players no one has been called.

    As far as earning is concerned these days players have better chances to earn unlike in the past. Nowadays players are earning good from IPL and other tournaments arranged in the country and outside the country.


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    The selection of a few players among lakhs of aspirants poses a threat to the dreamers who want to be cricketers. Lack of availability of enough seats has been an issue. Same is the case with Bollywood. Lakhs of people want to become actors but eventually end up entering in the wrong line or getting their hearts broken.

    Also, cricket is so important in our nation that often rich people try to bribe the authorities who select the team players, thus eliminating the chances of other talented players to showcase their talent.

    Training also makes players strong. Those who can afford high-class training learn better techniques and thus get easily selected and those who can't, get rejected.

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