Do not respond in threads with spam and copied content

It is not understood why members are submitting responses in promotional threads. Just leave them well alone. If a forum editor does not delete it within a day, then simply send a message to one of the editors with the URL of the thread and it will be checked and deleted if indeed it is spam.

Secondly, it is best to avoid responding in threads which contain copied content. In case you are unsure from a glance that it is copied text, pick out a couple of sentences, paste them in the Google search engine and check. If copied, alert a forum editor and it will be dealt with appropriately.

Also, kindly refrain from giving inane responses, misguiding or merely repeating what some other member has already stated. There seems to be an increase in these kinds of responses lately, merely to amass points, looks like. Please be more responsible.

[This thread is an alert-cum-request which does not require responses, hence will remain locked.]