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    Protect girl children from social media romance

    My last thread was on a very brave young man, who gave a damn to his parents' objecting to his wedding with a girl who had some stammering and wanted to cancel the wedding in a place near Vellore. The boy asked the police to intervene and the bridegroom married the same girl.

    While this is splendid, he is the other end of the pendulum. This was shown on TV and possibly in more than one channel. An MBBS drop out became friends with a girl in Chennai, through Facebook and it became a big love affair. The parents of the girl played ball and arranged for the wedding. When things were going smooth, the bridegroom requested for a huge amount as dowry. The girl's parents were socked. They then made inquiries with several people and came to know that this guy was a fraud and had duped the girl.

    Obviously, the wedding was canceled and the parents and relatives were seen thrashing the man in full public view, even in the police station. The cheat had to be saved from the wrath of those who felt cheated and but for the police, might as well have been murdered.

    Facebook is only for some friendship and not for romance. The Pollachi tragedy is a grave reminder of this fact. All girl children should be properly advised to keep away from any stranger.

    Of course, Facebook has so many constructive uses and we better understand how to constructively use it.
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    These types of cases are increasing. Just now I read a news item where an 11-year girl made friends with a boy of 18 years old boy. When the mother and father of the girl went out, one day the boy came to her house and raped her twice. Meanwhile, her mother came back home. The girl came and opened the door. The mother seeing the face of her daughter expected something wrong. Meanwhile, she heard a sound from the daughter's room. Immediately mother went into that room and found the boy under the cot. Then the girl revealed the whole story to the mother and the boy was handed over to the police. This incident was somewhere in the UK not in our country.
    Social media is having some advantages and people should use it for proper issues only. You can make friends but not relations through these social media sites. The parents should be always careful with their children. Loving without seeing or knowing each other is dangerous and may be proved worst after some time. One should be careful about such issues.

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    Not only online serious love and romance, but girls should also refrain from making strangers friends. The "other messages" inbox of girls ids on Facebook are filled with cheesy and filthy remarks. I have seen videos on such messages read out by both men and women and their reaction too.

    A number of fake accounts exist on Facebook. Mostly guys guise as girls and send requests to girls. No wonder many turn out to be frauds too. But Facebook has now improved its privacy and security settings. So now it depends on how the user uses the app.

    Make love to life before it divorces you.

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    We need more conversations between adults and vulnerable young adults. Parents must make it their duty to talk to their children about attraction to the opposite sex. Let's not behave like prudes and assume that it is an alien concept, and our children are immune to it because they are culturally bound.

    Teens and young adults cannot differentiate between lust, attraction and love. They are easily manipulated and misled into doing things that they later regret. Most often, parents are unaware of what their children are doing because of a lack of communication. I don't believe in spying on kids, I feel they should be educated about certain aspects of life.

    Parents must have the communication channels open. Children should be comfortable speaking to them about everything, even the mistakes they make. Fear should not be the factor that controls a child/parent relationship — the main elements in their relationship should include guidance, support, love and understanding. And these are possible when communication is present.

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    Good advisory from the author based on the happenings around us as to how the social media chatting turning into love and then relations. Sometimes the cheaters are taking the wrong route to fool the gullible and thus they get cheated. Nevertheless, the police have been telling people not to have deep chatting with those who are not acquainted and who are new on the social media. Those cheating people are so cleaver that they would convince and show all kinds of confidence-building things so that the opposite person should believe them and then starts the cheating action. Girls should not give their phone number or contact address to anyone and they should not reveal the real name also. Wherever they go and whatever they do must have the support and knowledge of the family members.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is a drawback of using social media. People blindly trust in the people they meet online to an extent that they commit for marriage before knowing much about them. In the past too I have read such cases where a girl or a boy is duped and robbed of money. It's good that girl's parents came to know about the reality of a boy before the marriage. Imagine what would have happened if she was married to this man. People should understand that they should not take the big decision about getting married just by knowing a person online.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Social media sites with their digital brightnesses are always luring the young and vulnerable people to it and sometimes they are getting trapped in the web of cheaters and frauds. So many cases have been reported but as rightly said by other members also, it is the responsibility of the parents also to monitor and guide their children. Children are always vulnerable to such attractions and until we teach them about these lurking dangers in the net how they will become alert about it. Social media should not be taken at its face value. Most of the people passing their time in it are unemployed, lazy and inactive people and hoping anything good from them will be like a mirage in the desert. Moreover it is an addiction thing where children will be trapped for their lifetime and will become good for nothing.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A good post from the author which tells us how some people are getting deceived by others in the name of love. However, I don't think that only girl child needs to be protected. Irrespective of age, sex, everyone should remain aware and alert about what is going on in the online world.

    Secondly, I disagree that Facebook is for some friendship and not for romance. There are a number of wonderful stories. Two people meet online and become friends. Friendship turns into a life long commitment. There are good as well as bad people everywhere. We cannot say that Facebook is not the platform for romance. If there is scope for getting trapped, there is also scope for meeting someone suitable. Our safety is in our hands. We have to act wisely and teach the same to younger generations.

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    Putting it simply social media romance is a two-way affair. The predator and prey both are complement to each other. It is a natural phenomenon. But I wish to put a simple question and that is where does these rules get applied? In a jungle or in a so-called civilized world? Of course the answer will be in a jungle. Then how & why some of us from this civilized world commit such crimes like exploitation of a girl child? Because we are always in search of greater and greater happiness, which is a never-ending process, and thus we become a jungle i.e an animal.

    For differentiating a human from an animal, differents institutions of different Gods were created by our forefathers on this planet Earth, and we were told to defend the weaker. It is our moral responsibility (especially parents) to educate our children about the anatomy of the human body. We all know that there is a lot of difference between curiosity, physical attraction, love, romance, etc. But what about a budding children? They are like a blank pen drive in which loading of good things & smart programs is our responsibility. So we need not to shy. We need to develop ourselves, & open up to our kids as their most trustworthy friend, then only this menace can be handled. The entire structure of social media is like an infinite ocean where websites like facebook etc, are like the tip of the iceberg. We need to inculcate a healthy atmosphere in every family & society to educate our future generations on this matter. We need to make our children to master it not vice-versa because we all know science is a good servant but a bad master.

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    Social media has become very addictive and children are glued to it for one or other reason. They do not know how harmful and dangerous it is if they fall in an online trap. Though the boys and girls both are equally vulnerable but girls are to be protected more due to our social considerations.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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