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    Why people are longing for Likes on social media?

    One of my friend who is very active on all the social media used to post messages, images and videos and would like to have more likes and comment. In fact if we miss to see his postings, he would call us to see the contents and give comments. When we fail to give the likes and comments, he get annoyed and takes it to heart. That made me to raise the question here as to why people are longing for Likes on social media? What it matters for them if more likes are seen under their posts? Are you also expecting same kind of likes on social media for your posts?
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    I think this is the general tendency of human beings. All human beings wanted to get recognition and appreciation for his acts and achievements. Whenever he participates in a competition he thinks of winning and getting medals and awards. These days everybody wanted recognition and for that everybody will try somehow to see that their works will be seen by his friends and appreciate him.
    To get into the eyes of people these days Social Media is the easiest way. Making friends, posting whatever we know and see how many people watched and what is their reaction is fun these days for many people. Such people will be always expecting a good number of people liking and commenting on his posts. Added to that the social media will also be remaining us how many people liked it and how many people commented on that etc.
    I rarely post on social media and I never expect any likes or comments on my posts. Many people slowly losing interest in such things, I feel. Earlier I used to spend some time on Social Media. But these days very rarely I visit those sites.

    always confident

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    It is true that many people on social media like to be active and want people to view their page or content. A like or comment is a way to know that content posted by him/her is viewed, liked or shared by people. Many are so fascinated by getting likes that they even share the link in their other groups and request members to view, like and comment on the post.

    Some like to get fame by such an act while some want to be in the frame always and like to be appreciated by people. When a person gives a true or valued comment, they get sad or angry. They always want to get good comment and expect people to play the diplomacy game by saying or providing good comments on their posts.

    Some people use this reference to attract people to their blog or other paid site and can even earn money. There are many things that can be done through social media. Some use it for information, some for fun while some for spreading fake news.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    This is very common now a days that people look forward to get the likes. This gives them satisfaction that they are being appreciated. Giving like to someone gives that a go happy feeling nowadays.

    I strongly disagree with the fact that people should ask for likes. They should post something that deserves to be liked. The likes should only someone deserves it.

    One of the reasons people ask for likes because they might be doing some social advertising for their products. They might be a part of some search engine optimization.

    Regards Prashant Kumar

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    It is human nature to seek appreciation for their actions and endeavours. Every one feels happy if his ideas are endorsed by others especially the friends and relatives. Today social media platform has become a main place for these expectations in our life. People post ordinary things in the media and expect that people will like it and they feel good when the number of likes is significant. It is also a fact that some people just like the things to please their friends and of course that is not a good thing to do. This has become a sort of addiction for some people to yearn for likes.
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    But likes should be coming spontaneously and not sought after.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    One thing that I have noticed is social media is only liked by those people who are otherwise too very social in their day to day lives. Those who do not interact with others do not make social media accounts or if they have registered they rarely log in or participate much.

    Those who are longing for comments or likes are those people who in their real lives too are always after others appreciation. The word like itself will tell the whole story. They want more likes which means they want a number of people to nod their heads in favour of them. In real life too they gather everyone around and want them to give an affirmation favouring them. When they are in social media, they are doing the same thing. More the number of likes and comments they receive, more psychologically rewarding it is for them.

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    Probably people are counting the number of likes to their popularity and successful presence in the social media and considering it a type of score. This could be a main reason for the deep desire to have more number of likes.
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