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    Air/Atmosphere exerts pressure on the Earth’s surface - A classroom experiment for 8th standard

    Good morning, sit-down all

    Sir: Ravi, can you summarize what we have learned in the last class?

    Ravi: Sure sir,

    Air is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gaseous mixture surrounding the Earth and from the surface of the Earth, up to 800km above, a layer of air exists which is called the Atmosphere. Thus, on the Earth, we all are surrounded by the air from all the sides. The pressure applied by the atmosphere is called Atmospheric pressure or Air pressure and the pressure is the force that the atmosphere applies on the Earth's surface.
    Sir: Very good

    Today we are going to make a simple classroom activity to show that air/atmosphere exerts pressure on the Earth's surface.

    Material required:
    Empty narrow mouth plastic-bottle, a needle/pin, and water

    Take the narrow mouth plastic-bottle. Make a hole in its cap and a hole in the bottle. Fill water in the bottle up to the level below the hole and close the bottle with cap.
    (1) Invert the water-filled bottle. You see water flowing out through the cap hole.
    (2) Now you close or cover the hole on the bottle with your thumb/ finger. You can notice the water doesn't come out through the cap hole.

    Why did water stop flowing out?
    Because when you close the hole on the bottle with your thumb, atmospheric air couldn't enter into the bottle through this hole. Therefore, the atmospheric air applied pressure on the hole of the cap from outside. This outside air pressure restricted the inside bottle water to flow out through the hole of the cap.

    So students, today through above activity, we proved that air applies pressure on the Earth's surface.
    See you in the next class.

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    Agood experiment to teach the students about the atmospheric pressure exerted by air on earth. Air pressure is exerted in all directions and is greatest at Earth's surface and decreases as altitude increases. It is caused by the gravitational magnetism of the planet.
    The teacher has explained it in a very easy way to their student.

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    Nice. A very simple experiment to show how the atmosphere exerts pressure on the earth surface. The way of explanation is good and students can understand easily. Good work done.
    always confident

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    Nice explanation on-air atmosphere pressure and that was illustrated with the simple example much to the understanding level of the students. Good lecture.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    A simple but interesting experiment to understand the atmospheric pressure and its effect at the surface of the Earth. It can be done using the minimum items which are generally available easily in the households and children can practice it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A good experiment to make the students understand the atmosphere pressure at the Earth's surface. Simple but effective one.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A well-explained post which helps to understand that air exerts pressure on the surface of eath. The diagram helps in better understanding of the experiment. All the best for the contest.

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