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    Life is like a cricket Spin bowler

    [This thread wins a special prize for the Sept. 2019 topic-based TOW contest.]

    When a batsman faces a Spin bowler in cricket he is always left wondering as to in which direction the ball will spin. Will it spin towards off stump or leg stump or come straight? It is up to the batsmen's skill to anticipate the direction of the Spinning ball, follow the spin and play a right stroke on the ball. Batsmen who are not able to make out the spin bowling and try to play a loose stroke will tend to lose his wicket. An experienced batsman will always have plans set in his mind as to how he will attack off-spin, leg-spin or straight ball and plays his strokes accordingly after judging the spin of the ball. He will also try to anticipate from bowlers' actions as to what kind of ball he will bowl.

    Similarly, life also throws unpredictable situations and circumstances towards us just like a Spin bowler in cricket. Hence, we should try to predict, anticipate to the extent possible on the upcoming situations and circumstances and have our plans ready to deal with them. When we really face these situations then we should read the situation, apply our plans and handle the situation. If we are too carefree and not bothered to have our plans ready for handling the situations, then we may be clean bowled when the situation arises. But sometimes even an experienced batsman gets deceived by the spin bowler when he bowls "Googly" or "Doosra" as these balls are least anticipated by the batsman. In the same way, life also throws "Googly" or "Doosra" on us which means situations take an unpredictable turn against our anticipation or planning and things happen which we least expected. Result of this is that we are deceived and rendered helpless.

    So we all are batsmen in the pitch of life who are facing spin bowling from our destiny and we need to be calm, cautious and focused to play this spin bowling well and survive.

    A TOW Entry for the Topic "Spin" or "Spinning"
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    A very interesting post by the author. The way he has compared life's situations with spin bowling is apposite. Life puts us through various uncertain circumstances and if we act without analysing the situation or stay numb, we are bound to face negative results. Like in cricket, if the batsman doesn't properly analyse the type of bowling, he will lose the wicket. So, it's necessary that we analyse every situation carefully without getting nervous. Only in such situations we can perform out best.
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    A well-connected thought between the spin of a bowler and the unpredictable situations and circumstances in our life. The author has nicely scripted the thread by giving the way how batsmen face the spin by a spinner and go on to be on top. When we anticipate the spin, he is able to perform well and convert his runs to century and visa-versa. e

    As mentioned by the author, we may have unpredictable turns and situations in life but need to take it as a challenge, face it with a smile and try to understand and anticipate it. A good entry for the TOW.

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    It is true that life is always have unknown and uncertain things stored in its lap for us. We can only conjecture about it but when something happens it is many times very surprising and sometimes totally unexpected.
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    Good post by the author. Yes in life we face an unpredictable situation which we have never thought of. We should have some contingency plan to deal with them. Many people succumb to the situation which is sad as we always should keep in mind that everything is possible in this world if today we are facing problems then it's not essential that tomorrow also we will face them just we should be ready to face them strongly.

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