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    Important Announcement Regarding Financial Liability - Expiry of Cash Credits

    Are you looking for information on when your cash credits will expire after a period of inactivity? They are valid for 1 year and then your cash credits will be cancelled.

    Considering the financial accounting requirements, we are making this important announcement:

    Effective today, if you do not Login to your IndiaStudyChannel account for a period of 1 year, your profile will be marked as Inactive. When a profile is made inactive, your earned points and cash credits will be cancelled. The remaining balance on the profile will be redistributed to other reward programs on this site. You will not be able to claim those credits anymore.

    This has become a necessity since we cannot hold financial liability indefinitely. As a Tax obligated organisation, we have to disclose the liabilities to the tax authorities. Once the financial year is over and the accounts for the financial year is closed, we need to close all accounts that are no longer active.

    The content contributed from those profiles will remain the website since there are other dependencies on the content. However, you will be allowed to contact us in the future and request a change in your profile name so that your original identity can be hidden.
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    At the outset, it seems to be a good decision as what is the use of having 10 lakh odd members on board and only few having the interest to work and contribute regularly. This new move will pave way for having definite and sure account holders and those who are with the site for many years should be given with some priorities and favours. By the way, when the spider sites are in operation, I used to earn money and not claimed so far. Do I have the arrangement to transfer the same as the sites were not operating from the ISC side and I was active? Anyway appreciation for taking great action.
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    It is asperthe financial requirementand the same is a good decision. It may encourage members not to disappear. Members may try to continue and try to login without completely vanishing from the site for longtime. People should note this change and cooperate with the administration so that the functioning will be smooth.
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    This is an inevitable arrangement considering the reason behind it. The members who are active at present should note leave the account. I am sure all members accept this change.

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    This appears to be a logical arrangement to create more order and space in the ISC working area and get rid of the clutter which is unnecessarily building up day by day. If a member does not want to continue then there is no point to wait for indefinitely. I appreciate the clarity now in this regard. If a member wants to remain here for long in the hope that he will contribute at a later time then he can login before the completion of that one year and submit some 2-3 submissions and he might get a lease of life for one more year. That seems a way to keep going and join with full throttle at a later time.

    Incidentally, I have a query in this regard that it is all right that the points and cash credit after 1 year are reduced to 0 but what if he comes back after that and wishes to get his same account activated. Is it possible? Kindly help me to understand this. His old prizes and rewards can also reflect there in the profile.

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    It is good to know that ISC has taken a step to retrench the non-active members from the site so as to clear the liability and cluster of membership. This is a common scenario in many site that new members join and after a few days or months disappears but their membership or account is still there. This will help the active members to take a lower-ranking, get more earnings for their contribution and even more money for further site competition or contest. I hope the core members are not affected by these changes and make it a point to at least login to the site frequently or before a year to maintain their credentials.
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    Better late than never. It is a good step and as suggested that the forfeited credits will be used for other prizes on site then it should be like an annual sale kind of thing where a member can earn a lot of points or credits.
    Hope those who are inadvertently missing the site should come back and contribute and this includes me also.

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    It's a good decision as what's the use of keeping the accounts live which are not active for a long time. Also, that will benefit the active member as the cash credit of the inactive members will be distributed through the reward program.

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    Indeed, a good step to keep the ISCian active in ISC. It is great to note that the amount earned and left by a member after remaining absent over a year is forfeited to ISC to redistribute it to reward other programmes. I appreciate and welcome this decision by ISC.

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    It does sound a bit unfair, frankly. There may be valid reasons for a member not being inactive for a long time, due to work commitments or other personal reasons and I feel bad for those who will not get their balance earnings on returning after a gap. Just recently we got three to four members who returned to ISC to actively contribute after many years. Then there may be members who have left or faced a long suspension and/or no longer wish to contribute but, nevertheless, would be glad to get the balance of their earnings.

    I have a suggestion. Perhaps the admin. could make some provision for automatically alerting all those who have not been active for a year and have a balance of some minimum eligible amount to be determined by the admin, such as Rs.400 or Rs.500. Is this technically feasible? This may even urge them to return and restart their contributions, which would benefit the site. Others who are unable to return can perhaps be allowed to claim their earnings later (give them a six-month extension window) through some system, such as sending an invoice to the admin. through the contact us page. A login is not required to use the contact us feature, and an attachment feature could be added there, with the statement that it is only to be used by members to send an invoice and nothing else.

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    This is a nice decision at a glance. But rethink about the members regularly gave their views and other pieces of information for a period of not less than 5 years and after 5+years, due to their personal matters and including ill health, they are compelled to do so, relaxation may be given. Because they are interested in the India Study Channel and its vision and mission to society.
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    Managing Editor,
    I don't think it is unfair. It is justified. To be at ISC, one doesn't require any much labour or time to log in and post a simple message once in 365 days, to show their presence. Maybe a few minutes would do the job to retain our hard-earned money at ISC. Remaining absent for a long period over one year is like getting disconnected from the ISC family and forgetting this lovely site.

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    I agree with Vandana. There may be many reasons for the absence of members from active participation in the site. Those members spent their time to earn whatever they have in their account. It is only fair to give the money due to them and let them decide to stay active or stay out of the site.
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    Mr KVRR,
    You are recommending the account to go dry completely. ISC is like a honeycomb. The honey bees like members contribute to accumulate their honey called money there, and suck it out as and when it becomes more. Once it is made dry, no member bee will home on it. Let there be some honey of money in ISC honeycomb to keep the member bees active and busy.

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    Ms. Rajee, I am talking about the money earned by the inactive members. Why should their rightfully earned money be forfeited and used by the ISC? The active members continue to contribute and the ISC will be earning revenue. There is no question of ISC going dry.
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    Mr KVRR,
    I did not talk about ISC getting dried, but the inactive members account getting dried. I am talking about the honey money share by an individual member.

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    I do not think I am the right person to comment on this as I do often take breaks from ISC. Canceling the credits and cash earned by a member if they have not logged in for a year is not a bad idea. However, there is a possibility that the left out CC in their account can attract them to come back to the site and contribute more to start getting further earnings. It all depends from person to person. One thing I like about this post is that the member just has to log in to stay active. It is not mandatory that he/she contributes anything to the site. That is indeed good as, if there are any members who can't contribute to ISC due to personal reasons can at least log in and keep their account active. Overall the change is acceptable.
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    The Webmaster has very clearly explained the organisation's tax liabilities, and the legalities surrounding the decision. Rules and regulations bind ISC, and there is no room for sentiments in a matter pertaining to the IT Dept.

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    I think you did not get my point and looked only at the sentimental part. I suggested at least sending some kind of forewarning/alert directly to such members (if feasible as I said) instead of abruptly taking away their earnings. If they have not been active at ISC, will they see this thread? At least if they are forewarned, they could log in, get their earnings through an invoice if they are eligible for payment and, if not, maybe make an effort to reach the eligible payment level and then stay away if they so wish. My point is to be fair to utilize possible avenues for at least some limited period of time to inform them first and then let the policy take effect.

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    What is the count of members enrolled on ISC? Imagine the kind of exercise that will be required to track down every member who is on the threshold of receiving payment. Scanning all inactive profiles will take a considerable amount of effort, time and money. Does ISC have the resources to initiate such an exercise?

    Policy changes have never been intimated through personal messages. Members are expected to follow the forum posts for policy updates. It is unfortunate if inactive members miss out this update. It may seem unfair, but who said life is fair.

    Remember the time I missed out on a substantial RSB income because of a technical snag, while some who didn't deserve a share got it. That wasn't fair, but nothing was done about it as it would have been a Herculean task, to set things right. Anyway, there is no guarantee that inactive members are still using emails registered with ISC or that they would return to get back their earnings.

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    I support the stand of Vandana (response#679331 & #67962) and it feels that to some extent, ISC should take an initiative to alert inactive members about their absence or inactiveness in the site(ISC) for a long time (say more than a year). This can be done to the members who were active and contributed their content, knowledge and time during their course of stay or active mode and have made some earning in that sort. This will help ISC and them to get back and again start contributing.

    As pointed by Chitra (response# 679574) that If the member is alerted, they can at least log in and keep their account active even without contributing to which they were due to other priorities. and again it depends upon person to person and we can just have our suggestion as this can be applied to us also.

    I would request the admin, webmaster and editors to have a refined discussion on this matter and come up with a solution feasible to all though the final words are of the admin.

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    I agree with vandana mam, she has a point. Though I myself returned after a long gap. Before taking action I think the member should be informed first.

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    Ms Juana has brought it out clearly. How can a large number of members who discontinued their membership for a year after earning a few tens of rupees be warned or alerted through a private message? Is it possible?. This can be applied to Platinum and Diamond members only. Gold, Silver and Bronze members should not be considered for an alert message.

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