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    Effect of social media in our Life

    Social media changes the way people to interact with each other by offering more convenience but less quality.with social media,it is quicker and simpler to contact people,while easier to meet New individual as well.Ultimately however social media provides people to less interpersonal skills ,a lake of conflict resolution ,a very little privacy.
    With social media such as Facebook, communication has never been quicker.Facebook allows easier communication with friends and family and automatically provides up to date information known as "status" while allows us to find new individual to meet.
    People entertain themselves by using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace and many more.Sociak media is a term used for interaction between people in which they share and exchange ideas through blogs and social sites.
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    Social media has gained immense importance in our life. We feel without it as if our limbs are cut and there is no oxygen in the air. This is the unwanted evil which has penetrated our households as well as ruining our personal life. The people who were talking with their friends earlier in a few days or weeks time are now talking with them every hour. Everyone wants to show that he is updated and knows the things. We are living in a virtual world. There is not a tinge of realty in it. On the other hand we are not communicating with those who want our help and support. We are not talking to our old parents, our poor brothers and other people who do not have WhatsApp. Is our life only meant for spending hours in the social media? Is that all for what this human life is given to us?
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    My mother is a 5th class pass out. Now she is 83 years. But she posts on facebook. She likes the posts there and she shares the posts there. She will also send birthday wishes on facebook. She is a regular user of WhatsApp. She can send messages. She can take photos using her smartphone and share them on WhatsApp. She will make video calls and send voice messages. Why I mentioned this is to say how much impact of these social media is there on the public.

    It has become an integral part of our lives. We can miss food for a day but we can't miss social media for an hour also. Using social media and posting there is not bad. But one should not get addicted to this, At the same time, we should not use this space for spreading fake news and false information to the public.

    Anything and everything is good as long as it is within the limits. We should not waste our time on this social media.

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    I agree with my above speakers about social media this happen because of the new generation we wants to catch them because of that only the earlier generation is also learning now a days.

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    Social media has taken deep root into our life with easy reach, updates and interaction with many people around the world. We are able to share our views, make friends with others, view the latest trends, information, songs, functions, etc with a click of the button. It has become like a family member where we share our info, events, pictures, videos and even views. Even senior citizens have taken to social media to share their concerns and use it to keep in contact with the present generation.

    As mentioned earlier, it has many cons like fake news, fraud, morphing, phishing and even passing gossips, it has lifted many people from rag to riches with the help of live videos, posts, etc. Everything has its own good and bad and it is upto us what to choose and what to ignore.

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    Addiction of anything is bad and that is true for social media also. Earlier we had limited things to pass our time and we used to search avenues. Today it is so simple that search your phone and see you are busy. It is effortless activity.
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    I think social media is very good as we create groups, exchange pleasantries and above all keep us update with every happening across our family and friends. But there are problems with social media. One fake news into our group and which is forwarded to others from our group may create trouble for us and receivers too. As kong as sharing photos, videos and other things happening within the family is good. The other day one of the relatives posted the invitation to visit the Golu function during Dassera in the group and that was seen by all and we graced the occasion. So no more individual calls and invitation. And never accept strangers who may pop through other contacts and that may lead to morphing and even hijacking our accounts. As far as possible never attend to lottery winning messages nor share your bank account numbers.
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    Social media has both merits and demerits. It is a good platform to find your long lost friend, to interact with a lot of people, to know the happenings in the world and many more. However, the demerit is that these days social media highly influence the thinking of common man. Not all the information shared on these sites and apps are true. There are false pieces of information being spread quickly and people tend to believe and act based on this information without even trying to find the truth. This is really harmful to society.

    I would suggest we should think and use these sites and apps only for the benefits. We should not let social networking sites rule us. Telephonic conversations have drastically reduced with the advent of WhatsApp. However, people tend to interact more with WhatsApp. Earlier these social networking sites where not there hence most of our parents didn't know it. But now when we have taught our parents how to use these, they are really enjoying it. It is an entertainment for them.

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    Nowadays social media is deeply rooted in our lives. In olden times, the age groups are sitting around at a public maidan or temple premises, looking face to face and share that day's local news and other things they met with their morning to evening lives and gossips they heard. That was their facebook and WhatsApp. They are very interested in it and they report all the matters discussed there in their homes. But in these modern times that are changed as electronically operated apps and programs.
    It has its own merits and demerits.
    Merits are, a group can create their own groups and discuss all the matters-as the old ones discussing at the maidan in the evening- and they can exchange news and other activities to all. It is a personal area of the groupmates. They can also post any important news /matters/gossip/little vits/comedies receiving from their other groups, which will enlighten or make laugh in the former group.
    The demerits are:
    1. Circulating posts of tarring people and causing defamation cases by police.
    2. Untimely checking of posts. When we are in the workplace, in the midst of our work for our daily bread.
    Addicted to the use of such platforms. Such people will down headed at all times in the platforms. This will
    cause health problems and family problems as well
    So, there should be a limitation in using all such platforms of social media.
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