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    Why some one make fake profile in social media?

    Recently read that around 10 % of Facebook profiles are fake. That means around 80 million profiles are fake and many of them removed by facebook directly. What are the motives to make these fake profiles in social media including facebook? Many are making two or three profiles in social media in the same or different names.
    Also in India and some other countries these fake profiles aiming to attract girls or boys which may lead to sexual exploitation. In recent years we heard many such incidents. So we need to be vigilant against such fake profiles and should report if we feel that a profile is fake or duplicate. Definitely the purpose of a duplicate profile will be with a bad intention. Otherwise why one needs two or more profile? As a common people, we are not capable to manage even one account in social media.

    Same goes to other social media platforms like Instagram, youtube, twitter and mail id.
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    The social media has become the information seeker and information giver. Some people have taken this opportunity to their stride and opening fake profiles to keep the information pouring in and get famed for nothing. At the time of registration itself, Facebook should verify the antecedents of the profile and they should not immediately approve online. If fact Facebook should come up with recommendations criteria. That means already a reliable member of the Facebook user should recommend another person to be in the Facebook account. That would pave way for cleaner accounts in future and in the garb of using the membership data for other purpose or want to portray as the big social network, Facebook has either too accepted even minors profile. Next time those who upload their original photo with documentary evidence should be allowed to be on the Facebook.
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    Frankly speaking, membership of any social media platform should not be given without Aadhar card or Voter card or Driving license or PAN card or any such authentic identity proof. Only this type of stern measures will help in curtailing the fake accounts in the social media. People are taking advantage of making fake accounts and then doing all types of mischievous activities. Suppose a student opens a fake account and does some wrong activity then his parents will not know it because his identity is masked so he will be doing it boldly and with confidence. We should make the rules and regulations in such a way that people can not take advantage of the system.
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    This is very much seen on social media these days. This is definitely to lure girls and boys for sexual exploitation later on if they fall in their trap. This is a good initiative which Facebook is taking to remove such fake profiles. But that's not an easy task to identify a fake id because at first stance one cannot judge the authenticity of an account. It needs lots of efforts and vigilance. Also, people should be more careful and should check the fake account and report it to Facebook to make their work easy in deleting such profiles. I agree why would one need to create multiple accounts on Facebook when one account is sufficient.

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    Many people are having two or three accounts on Facebook. Probably one for friends. One for relatives and the third one for new faces who are coming in contact with them on the social site. Many times I observed this and I even asked them why you are having two accounts. The answers I get are silly. Somebody says I forgot my password that is why I opened a new account. When I asked there is a forgot password also he says I even forgot his email ID also.

    I have only one account and I don't want to go for another account. If your intentions clear and if you have no other motives one account is sufficient on any social site instead of creating multiple profiles. These fake profiles will try to do unethical and illegal works through the site.

    I feel the organisers of these social sites should warn the people and if they find any fake profiles all such profiles should be removed and they should not be allowed to work again on that site. Then only we can have control over these fake accounts. As mentioned by Umesh, I also advocate connecting the account through an ID card is a good way to prevent these frauds.

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    There are many people who do keep 2 - 3 profiles on social media and they have their own reasons for it. Some of them keep it so as to have their own space in social media. Many people who have 2 - 3 profiles uses it as follows:
    - One for Family, relatives and close friends. This is the best-kept profile with neat pictures and good quotes.
    - One for only friends ( School, College, Office, Neighbouring, etc). This profile is for sharing jokes, pranks, and other friendly issues.
    - For social media. These are for the virtual world. They use this profile to make friends with unknown people, comment on certain topics and even other social activities.

    As social media is a dumping ground, many people prefer to be active in all the 3 stages and thus keep on making new profile and use the new technology to the maximumas they can in all way. This is not that everyone does the same but many do use it.

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    It is coming to understand that there are many fake IDs in social media. They are ging fake photos also to entice teenage boys and girls for sexual exploitation. Now it seems to extend to adulthood as well. There have been reports and police cases that big business - industry owners too have been caught in such a trap and extorted millions of rupees from them. These types of people falling in these trap net by the connection earn from the fake IDs reflecting in the social media and are in the interest of seeking some illicit comforts, unknowing of their family.

    This is pointing to their activities not only lead the boys and girls for sexual exploitation but also looting money from the adults, even those who enter old age.

    Fake IDs can be avoided to some extent if any identity card makes it compulsory to use social media. Even then, the cards used by the deceased and various other stolen cards could be used for a long time. By then, these scams have already taken place.

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    The motives behind creating a fake account can be many and that's why social media platforms must employ strict rules to detect fake accounts. When social media platforms arrived, people used it to socialize. Later, many started misusing those platforms and that has become the biggest concern. People with ulterior motives continue to find ways to misuse the space and it may be difficult for any of the platforms to check this type of misuse. Use of identity proofs to register in the social media have its own disadvantages. It may not be legally tenable because when your personal data is there in all the servers of the social media platforms there is a high chance of the data being misused. Let there be a mass awareness campaign on fake profiles and when people will realize and find ways to identify them the numbers will gradually reduce.

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    It is amazing to see so many people validating the integrity of social networks. Millions willingly want to give their and family information to a well-known social network platform! These social networks are also known to use/misuse information about you to any buyer for profit.

    I would dare to say that they have never read the 'Terms & Conditions', 'Privacy Policy', 'Data Collection policy' and any other contracts where they can legally take advantage of you, sell your info to our country's enemies or anyone, as long as their own pockets get filled.

    If at all anyone does read, they would really need to think 2, 3 or more times before stepping into this quicksand situation. Even when you quit the site, all info posted by others about you remain. This is actually an international legal contract you are signing with people you will probably never meet. The owners are not governed by our country, so with whom are the contract signed with?

    If perchance India were to work against some global selfish exploitation principles, Facebook will have access to about 250 million people information which they can use against us.

    It is not 'possibility' of data abuse, it has already happened, and will continue as long as people forget to activate their God-given brains to validate getting into social networks. Here is a link someone has compiled the penalties and fines imposed on Facebook in 2019 alone, amounting to around 36,000 crore Rs.

    Are we able to rethink our position after finding such nasty information about the profiteering companies? The question should now be "Is it okay to lie to deceivers?"

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    Face book accounts need to be closed in the event that the same is found to be fake. The rules and the guidelines in this regard should be made stringent so as to nab the fake account holders. So long as the regulatory authorities are not taking any corrective steps against the errands, there will huge multiplication of such fake accounts. It won't be very strange to say that some groups operate multiple accounts to exploit the young girls and boys in the sexual affairs with the maintenance of fake accounts.
    Hope, Face - book would come up with some concrete solutions to curb the same. At the same time the account holders should take every precaution in posting the contents so that it does not precipitate any nasty development later.

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