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    Google Map is the brightest lantern on this earth

    Google Map is the brightest lantern that shows the road way to us. Without elaborating much, I would say that the Google Map which guides the road map is the brightest hand held lantern held by the people living on this earth, especially to those living in cities and metros. Without Google Map, it is not easy to move from one place to the other. What is your good comments about the Goggle lantern.

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    True. These days Google Map is doing a very good job. These days nobody wanted any guidance or any map for reaching the destination. Google map will drive us through the shortest and fastest route as per your choice to the desired place. So this is a real lantern in the hand of all the people who are travelling to guide them to their destination. A very good comparison from the author. This is a well-known fact that all of us are using this app for travelling. But no one submitted a thread on this subject to the contest. Anyhow, my appreciations to the author for this excellent thought.
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    Yes, the google map is a useful thing these days as one can easily commute to one place to another place. There was a time when we used to ask people when had to go to some unknown place but nowadays one doesn't require it but Google map is enough to reach the destination.

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    Though it is helpful, sometimes it doesn't guide us on the right path. It is improving gradually. It is brighter than maps of course but it has yet to become the brightest lantern.
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    The purpose of a lantern is to guide and show us our path and surroundings. To that extent Google Map is also doing that thing for us using the internet facility. In that context Google Map can be considered as a lantern only.
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    By using google map we can track any location anywhere. It is very useful even when we don't have any idea about any location. And sometimes in metro cities it is very difficult to track a location and reach any destination. So, in this way, Google map can be considered as lantern. But name of location is feeded manually so you should be very careful. Otherwise you can reach to another location having similar name and will be wasting your time.

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    Google map is the gift of internet technologies to the world and it has made our life simpler as we can always find the places in the map, distance between them, tourist places if any and many other related information. The thing is almost like 'The world in my lap'. For trekkers, tourists and travel hobbyists, this is a great facility and what you are supposed to do is go to Google map and enter the name off a place and that is it. So, the author's contention of comparing Google map with a lantern makes sense. It is a good analogy.
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    In fact, it's a fact in a true sense.

    We all are so much technological driven and dependent that unable to relieved from it.

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