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    Should Dhoni retire from all formats of cricket of all levels ?

    People often comment when Mahendra Singh Dhoni, former skipper of Indian cricket team will retire from all formats of cricket. Obviously, he knows whether or not he had better declare his retirement. Being a fan of Dhoni I think it is about time he retired from playing active cricket of all levels like other several players who were once the part of Indian cricket team are still playing passive cricket off the ground as commentator or coach or an official in BCCI or in its subsidiaries.

    Dhoni is my favourite player. I am not biased of saying that he is the ever greatest player of the world as the best finisher.

    You can't stop people from passing negative comments if they do as infirmities of his age affecting his performance as well. I do not want him to retire like Yuvraj Singh, the great player of Indian cricket squad had to declare his retirement while he was no more playing.

    He should not play even IPL as he can have other options of earning money.
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    I also feel that he should retire now. People will appreciate him if he does so. Unnecessarily hanging around is never advisable. No one say that Dhoni is a bad player. He is the best wicket keeper batsman I have seen. He has shown his talent everywhere and got laurels from all the people. Foreign countries also admired him as a great player.

    When he is in form and doing good , he should call it a day. Otherwise, he has to face a bad situation. He should not be get dropped by the selection committee. That will be a very bad issue to happen. There are many ways to continue his association with the game in so many other ways.

    Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Ravi Sastry are still in field.Like that he can also continue for many more years in many ways with the game.

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    As a cricket lover, I would say that the best tribute to Dhoni would be to leave such an important decision upon him only. Who are we? We are the spectators. Do we have that credibility to talk about such an important decision of Dhoni's cricket career? No, we are not eligible. I feel, at the right time, he will make the best decision.

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    As a cricket lover, I had always advised through this forum posts that the players who had already cast their spell in this sport should give way for the newcomers and make the game going. When we pass through any playground in India where the guys are playing serious cricket and the way they make shots and lift the bat, sometimes give the feeling that the board is not going through the country to get chance for other budding players. Our cricket board is heavily politicized and the politicians make shots while taking new guys or retaining the existing players and thus some players are still sticking to the game.
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    Former India captain and legendary wicket-keeper MS Dhoni is not sure if he will be seen in the national team.
    Dhoni should be in the Indian Cricket team until India gets a good wicket-keeper. India's young wicketkeeper, Rishabh Pant, who has been seen as a successor to Dhoni, is unable to stay consistent in batting.

    Dhoni's last Indian jersey was against New Zealand in the semi-final of the World Cup in England. When India lost the semi-finals that day, he took a break from international cricket.

    Dhoni is likely to be recalled to the team for next year's,2020-ICC T20 World Cup in Australia. Dhoni fans want Dhoni to be with the national team till the next T20 World Cup.

    The owner of Chennai Super Kings N.Srinivasan has confirmed that Dhoni will lead the CSK in the 2020 IPL.

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    Dhoni should retire from international cricket and BCCI should give him a chance to play a farewell game. Many well known Indian cricket players didn't get a farewell game. Only Sachin Tendulkar had that chance. Players like Dravid, Ganguly, Sehwag. Laxman Kapil dev did not receive such an honour. Dhoni is a great player for the entire cricket world and he changed Indian cricket from failure to victories. He brought many world cup trophies to India apart from other small and big tournament trophies.

    But it is essential to leave the play and give way to young cricketers once you become aged. If the player didn't do that, his plight will be very bad that nobody recognises him in his last periods of playing. I hope Dhoni will play his last match in India as a farewell match for him.


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    I think Dhoni knows and understands better than us. He is not the one who wants to keep playing just because it would give him money and would keep him in limelight. He himself gave up the post of Indian Cricket Team Captain and he always thinks that it is better to bring active and young blood in cricket so India keeps giving its best in all the Cricket games. I think he will announce his retirement because he cares about the Indian Cricket Team's excellence and performance.
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    It is not so easy to quit saying that it is time to retire. It is a hard decision and for an active person it is the end of the day. So, there will always be a confusion in this matter and there are chances that one can lose some reputation on that context. It is always better to retire honourably rather than forcingly. There are instances where the authorities drop the name of the player from the national team and then it hurts the player as well as to his fans. But why we should invite that when we know the history of cricket and its ways very well and we have seen may such examples in our life as cricket fan.
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    It depends unless and until he is performing well for the team he should play and when he thinks he is not able to contribute to India he should retire. I am Dhoni's fan and l like his attitude also. Retirement solely depends on the person only.

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