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    Get active, head outdoors, click a snap, have fun!

    Last month we had an interesting discussion on the lack of physical activity in Indians and I had expressed a wish to have a fun activity which would force members to go outdoors.

    So here's what you have to do -
    Click a photo with your camera/mobile phone of a bench in the city/town/village where you are currently residing. It can be any kind of bench, any shape - flat, round, hexagonal, etc - with or without a backrest, made of anything, located anywhere. However, make sure that it is an empty bench as we should not take photos of people since this would invade their privacy. You need not mention the exact area/city since we respect ISC members' privacy and you may not wish to reveal where you stay. Just generally state where it is, such as in a garden, at the beach, inside a mall, outside a cafe, near a place of worship, etc. Also, it would be good not to fiddle with the photo on your computer and change the colours and tones. Just leave it exactly the way you snapped it. Make sure, too, that you take permission to click a snap if within private premises, such as inside a shop or somebody's personal garden.

    The more unique a bench, the more fun it will be to snap a picture of it! If there is some interesting information about it in the historical sense or you had some memorable experience related to the bench, do share that as well.

    The photo should be between the date of the posting of this thread and the closing date of the thread, seven days from now. In order to authenticate the photo as being a current one, the date and time stamp must appear on it. Each member may submit up to two photos only. However, if you submit more than one, then each should be of a different bench.

    Note: You must be honest and take the photo yourself, not tell somebody else to go and take a photo. Also, you must not submit a photo that is inside your housing complex or just outside your gate or within your office/college campus. That would be too easy! The goal of this activity is to make you literally get out of your house/campus, away from your desk and gadgets, and head somewhere which is some distance from your home/place of study or work.

    This is purely a fun activity. If we get an enthusiastic response with good quality photos, we will select one of the photos for a reward program later.

    I will take a photo, too, and post it later. For now, just as an example of a bench, here's one I took on a recent trip to Vadodara. This bench with its unique ends was located just next to the luggage counter outside a museum.
    Museum bench

    Get started, get fit, click a snap outdoors!
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    Wow! Getting rewarded only for going outdoors is crazy and fun too. I am sure there will be many responses in this thread. Waiting to witness them all.
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    A unique conceptualisation of outdoor activity for taking a picture and submitting here. Incidentally I have been actively engaged in getting some benches for the senior citizens in a few parks in my town and some of them are really peculiar in their appearances. I hope to go out soon to see their present status and come out with a self explaining picture of same. Newer activities always attract the attention of many of the members and I hope that it will also evoke the same. Let us see the responses of the members in his regard.
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    Yesterday, we drove down to Thiruvananthapuram from Bangalore. On the way, we thought of having a tea break and stopped our car at a wayside restaurant. There we could see two steel benches in different colours but one design. It has a lion's face on either side. I remembered this thread. But one couple with their baby were seated on that bench. I waited till they vacated the bench and clicked my camera. The image is attached herewith.

    * My contest posts are not accepted by ME for any reward. Since I have declared my family accounts to WM Tony John to his e-mail ID, I think this entry will be eligible for the contest.

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    Thanks, Rajee for submitting an entry. I was going to upload a photo after some entries had come in, of a bench which I had snapped on the day after posting this thread, but checked this thread daily in vain for entries and I was going to simply close this thread tomorrow (the seven-day deadline is today). Members seem to be interested in activities only if there are prizes for it. Feeling really sad and disappointed.

    Note that it is clearly stated that this is not a contest. Also, a mere declaration of family accounts is not any reason to be eligible for reward programs. When there is a definite question mark on the authenticity of a member's account, the policy stands.
    [and kindly do not put asterisk symbols.]

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    Yesterday I went to a village near the outskirts of Hyderabad. I have to meet somebody at the bus stand. That person is not visible around. I have waited for him for some time. After getting down from my vehicle I waited for 10 minutes and I thought I can sit somewhere. I have seen two tables under the tree. I remembered this post and took a snap. The place is so untidy and no one can sit there happily. There are two such tables. The names of the donors of those benches were written on the tables.
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    Sorry for my delayed contribution as I had committed earlier to contribute here after visiting some parks in my town. Today I took this snap early morning in a park where already ordinary cement benches without backs were available along the boundary. Now a new bench is placed opposite to it seems to facilitate a group of 6-8 people to have chit chat in a semi closed but open area. It appeared interesting to me.
    Knowledge is power.

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    None of the images has a date and stamp. Is that not a prerequisite? I was unable to change the settings on my camera app, for it to show the date and time on the clicked images. So, I let this exercise be, even though I did capture some unique pictures.
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    posted below
    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
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    Ever since I saw this thread, I've been contemplating posting a picture of a bench. I'll post a picture of it on the last day anyway. We are on a journey. Upon arrival at home, I will immediately post a picture of the bench.
    Sobha Wilson
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    When I attended a marriage at Angamali, Kerala, I found there is a bench on the stage for the couples. I remembered the ISC's request for posting a photo of a bench. I clicked with my ordinary smartphone. I am posting it here.
    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    This week I and my family were gone to a church in Angamaly. This is a photo taken at that time. There are about twenty benches built of teak wood with fine polishing, in the church, and on the verandah.
    Sobha Wilson
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    "This is purely a fun activity. If we get an enthusiastic response with good quality photos, we will select one of the photos for a reward program later."
    The above sentence from you made me treat this thread as a contest thread. Sorry if I have misunderstood it. Doesn't matter if your policy stands against me.

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    Today I have visited a mall in Gurugram Haryana. I saw some benches there in the campus. They were simple but beautiful. I remembered this thread hence i clicked two photos. One of the photo is here.

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    Second photo is posted here.

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    Juana is right. I have made it clear that the camera's date and time stamp should be on it to confirm its authenticity as having been snapped during the start and end dates as mentioned. Photos without it will be not be considered to be taken up for the related reward program (this will be announced within a few days). Thanks, anyway, to all who made the effort to be part of this activity.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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