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    Try this for the traditional Tamil Thali food at T.Nagar

    It has been around for at least three decades to the best of my knowledge at the famous T. Nagar, the thrilling shopping paradise of Chennai. There is this big joke that except your parents, you can buy everything under the sun within a radius of around 2 kilometres here. The evening snacks at Venkateswara Poli stall at Arya Samaj Road is a big draw.

    Now, this famous destination called T.Nagar woodlands. I guess I paid Rs80 for a full meal some eleven years ago if my memory serves me right. It was past 1 pm and Adayar would take another 20 minutes to reach by car. So, I went to this same hotel. Well, to be totally satisfied. The two side dishes served along with the sambar and the variation of sambar without dal but with oil as the base called vethakkuzhambu was superb. You get a small quantity of a sweet and the cup of curd as well.

    The taste lingers in the mouth. The quality may not be the same as Thaligai of Mylapore but it is more than ok, nonetheless. It is bang opposite to Panagal Park at the entrance of Venkatnarayana Road at No3, Nageswara Rao Road. After one does his or her shopping ( there is plenty to do here, more so, saris) one can hop in here. The meal served on the traditional banana leaf with everything except the sweet Chappathi and curd being unlimited, costs Rs200. This is pretty reasonable since the air-conditioned ambience is very good.

    If you are from any other State, this place is a safe bet as the quality of food is very good. Try it for a change.
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    The author has been bringing some great submissions for the foodies who love to taste the variety of south Indian foods and we know Chennai is famous for varied food serving hotels and we are not aware of it. Once I had been to Ashoka Pillar for some work during morning hours and happen to have Pongal at the corner hotel and I was stunned with quality and quantity for just 30 rupees which gave me the fullest satisfaction of having had the best tiffin in the morning. And as far as T Nagar is concerned, the flow of population is more and best hotels with authentic food are always on demand.
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    Long back, I was in Chennai and stayed there for a few years. As my house was near T. Nagar, we used to go there for all sort of marketing needs as Ranganathan Street and adjoining areas in T. Nagar were full of small eating places giving delicious dishes in reasonable prices. The south Indian meals were our favourite and we tried many places to change the taste and found many of them as the superb eateries. I think today the area might have transformed in the sense that big restaurants and eating places, as mentioned by the author, might have come up there and offering dishes or thali to the customers.
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    Umesh Sir, what is your native State? What kind of a thali do you get to eat there? Just out of curiosity. Just one piece of my own history at Ranchi where I worked for a short while. There was a big riot and curfew was imposed. The Army was called in. I ran for cover and was literally holed up in the house of a very senior gentleman who was my colleague in the same Management institute. For a full almost 46 hours he fed me with rice and rotis in Bihari style. The taste was good and the side dishes were good too. Only when he curfew was relaxed a bit was I able to run back to the place I stayed in.

    I do not remember the names of the dishes but the vegetarian food was very good. It is always great to understand the varieties of food available at different places and taste them. The next I visit the numerous small but very nice and hygienic eateries of Mylapore, Chennai, I will even write a full article. It does take time as my time at Chennai is always packed with some work or the other. Only rarely do I get to eat outside too.

    Once you share the information, if Iam in that part of the country I will be able to taste that. In particular, the Andhra dishes are simply too good. Only issue is that most hotels serve the non-veg items too. Am always sceptical that they might mix both.

    Sir, here is one business proposition. Any good entrepreneur from Andhra can create new markets for a variety of their spicy vegetarian food. But the hotel has to be purely vegetarian. If this is okay, am ready to share all secrets about slots. To give one simple viable location, it is within one kilometer of the huge Tidel Park at Taramani. The IT companies and the BPO companies employ hundreds of thousands of employees. Chennai is a big market. I can give anyone any kind of useful information. I have already done this in Coimbatore and in Tiruchirapalli as well. People long for change. When variety is available sky is the limit.

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    To taste authentic South Indian food in a South Indian state is still a far-fetched dream for me. I hope I get to explore the southern Indian states and enjoy the cuisine, ambience, greenery and everything.
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    Thanks to the author for giving good information about a good place where we can have good food. I had been to Chennai many times but I always go to the famous Saravana Bhavan only for food. I never tried in other hotels. But once while I was travelling via Chennai the taxi driver stopped at a small hotel early morning somewhere near T Nagar only. The breakfast is excellent and I enjoyed the food.

    I face a problem in Chennai. Generally, on tours, I will have a heavy breakfast and skip lunch. In such a case, I want to eat thali in the nights. But it is very difficult to get rice in Chennai in the nights. I request the author to suggest a place where we can get thali for night eating.

    The author is having very good experience of the various hotels in Chennai and he will give us the best places to eat. I feel the author can make a good article on various good eating places in Chennai.

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    Rao Sir. These days, almost one hundred percent of guys want to have only the Tiffin items at night. Yet, there will be some places where the Thali will be available. I shall check with my friends and get you the most authentic information, along with the photographs. And of course contact numbers too.

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    Anamika Raj, there is so much to see and so much to enjoy in all the five South Indian States. Kindly make a note of this hotel 's phone number. I had written a detailed article on the best vegetarian hotels in Coimbatore city. Please refer to that article. It has the contact numbers also given.

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    The author is posting various information on food available in Chennai city. It is quite interesting to know but nothing to discuss about. South India, especially Tamilnadu provides the cheap and best food to be satisfied. Not only Chennai, but also other cities and small towns serve the cheap and best food. One can just spend Rs. 60/- and be satisfied with an excellent lunch.

    Day before yesterday, I happened to visit a hotel in a small town near Kanyakumari where I was astonished to see the plate after ordering for an ordinary Dosa that cost only Rs. 30/-. I took out my Mobile and clicked it. I am attaching the photograph here. The plate contains 1 ordinary dosa, Cocounut chutney, Tomato chutney, Puthina chutney, Til powder mixed with gingely oil, a scoop of sweet Kesari and a cup of Sambhar (total side dish 6) In addition, the server was ready to serve me extra chutney and sambhar. It is really a great eat that we cannot eat all the side dishes with one ordinary Dosa.

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    As usual,Ms Rajee has made an unwanted comment. Yes, she is correct that places near Kanyakumari serve good and nice food. But my post was specific to a branded hotel. And one does not go to places like Kanyakumari so often. Members and even readers from various parts of India visit Chennai, which is the fourth largest metro city in India.

    Chennai also has many deemed Universities like VIT and SRM with thousands of students from all over India. Parents often visit Chennai. CII statistics reveals that Chennai has a daily flouting population of a staggering 6.5 lakh people. They need to eat and Ms. Rajee will at least know that millions go for shopping at T.Nagar. If one is guided properly, at least they can have cheap food. While the hotel described by Ms. Rajee is fine, one to to understand that a metro city and a small town around six hundred kilometres away are two different things. It does seem that Ms. Rajee would like to comment on so many things I contribute. She is at liberty to do so. Wish her all the best.

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    Rao Sir, Please do mention the name of any good Vegetarian hotel near Hyderabad. Am likely to visit the city in the near future. It will be great if I can try out the best hotel there. Cost is never a problem. The standard should be equal to that of Saravana Bhavan, Chennai. And if they serve the dosa upma dish, even better. Please do guide me. Thanks a lot Sir.

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    The author had earlier also posted some interesting information regarding food joints in Chennai. I always liked south Indian snacks and traditional thalis when I was in Chennai. We usually had this on weekends or holidays. Chennai is a place full of eateries here and there. We used to go to T. Nagar or Anna Nagar for this as these two places were near our house.


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    Neetu Bhatt, Thank you. Many new ones have opened up in the past five years. Many of these are famous for a variety of reasons. Since people get to visit Chennai more often than any other city in Tamil Nadu, I will post something or the other, based on first hand experience. Yes, the good branded ones charge at least Rs200 for a standard lunch. But we get to sit in AC and we will not have to visit the doctor the next day.

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    Mr ABSivakumar,
    My concern is the Thali costing Rs. 200/- It is too much for a midday meal. While we can get a decent unlimited lunch for Rs. 80/90 in and around Chennai city, why to go for Rs. 200/- and waste the dishes served. I have discussed this in your last thread on Mylapore hotel. Moreover, as per my understanding, lunch served on a banana leaf cannot be termed as Thali food. Few Chennai hotels are taking advantage of the visiting population and loot them on the name of food.

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    Sorry. That is your opinion. A banana leaf meal in a good AC restaurant costing Rs200 is not costly at all. Those shopping at T.Nagar are the upper middle class and the rich as well. They need very decent places to eat. A Tamilian Thali served on banana leaf is there for generations. Kindly do not confuse yourself. No one is saying that the rs 80 or Rs 90. Stuff is not good.

    What is the use of writing about such small brands? We are talking about branded ones with good variety and taste. If you think Rs 200 or Rs. 250 is too much, it is your opinion. You are entitled to it. Let Members who read the input decide for themselves. Let me leave it at that. Period.

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    My native is Dehradun, Uttarakhand but I have now settled in Navi Mumbai. In Dehradun we usually get a typical North Indian thali where we have Chapati/ Tandori/ Nan/ Parotha, Dal, Dry vegetable, Gravy vegetable, Salad, Rice and Pickle. This is the standard thing but one can add on curd, sweet, butter, egg bhurji etc if required. Buttermilk will also be available on demand. In some hotels rice is replaced with Pulao. There are other variations also for people who want to meet their hunger economically and that is Rajma-Chawal, Chapati-Sabji and Poori-Sabji. The minimum prices start from Rs 60-70 for these combinations. Thali costs at least Rs 80 in mediocre places and in AC good restaurants they cost at least Rs 200.

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    We can't blame anyone for feeling that we're every day talking about food, just for food lovers, and for promoting certain hotels. It is a human instinct to think so, especially when writing about food and the hotels it serves in recent days. We are seeing their advertisements for various branded hotels.

    The food that you can't find anywhere else or in a state where you don't usually get it at any hotel be noticed, can write as a specialty. Other than that, it doesn't make sense to say that a meal everywhere is only good for one place, worse in others. Food for Rs.100 in one place is given at Rs 1000 at another hotel. It is served in a gold plated bowl. So can you say it is better than any other? Given that the interior of the hotel has been so good, can you imagine its kitchen and the food process going on there? Have you seen how many of the most decorated hotels have a good kitchen? In this condition
    Don't you think that roadside eating is good?

    Then I think it's best to admit that there are good hotels and good food everywhere. Then there is nothing wrong with glorifying your own country. But there is no need to deny that the majority of the common man advocates.

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    Food has to be good only. No one will take a bad thing as food. Chennai is not a small city. It is a combination of many cities and towns. The taste differs from man to man. What tastes good to me may not be tasty to others. So, the author should stop recommending hotels for food. The rich may prefer a restaurant while the middle and poor prefer roadside eateries. Even the rich misers queue up on the roadside eateries. The food served is the same but served differently. That's all. There is no magic in food.

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    Ms Rajee you seem to be adamant on refuting every single input of mine. And now your rather inappropriate comment that I should stop recommending hotels in Chennai. You are not the editor and just a member. You should know your limits. In any case, the concerned editor has clarified that I should write an article. I will do that. I do not need your permission to do so. And stop poking your nose into whatever am providing as an input. If you do not stop, I will just ignore you. Am least bothered about your comments in any case.

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    Thanks for the foody thread!
    Please suggest some good restaurants at OMR
    I visited 'Gupta Bhavan' at OMR with family last weekend and had a good north Indian thali at reasonable price.

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    Neeraj , I need Ms. Rajee's permission I guess!! In any case, I have been advised to write articles. I will do so. However, it will take a while, as there is so much to write and the new good hotels have come up in various places.

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    As suggested by the editor, it would be better if you combine the best food hotels and restaurants in Chennai and other cities and towns, and write a lengthy article for the benefit of people searching for good hotels in Chennai. There are ample ads on the best hotels and restaurants in India. One cannot waste time and money to go to Mylapore and Velachery just for food Thali. It is up to you to counter respond to my response. No one forces you to react.

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    Sir, I had come to Dehra Dun decades ago. I still remember the superb lunch provided. The palak paneer made was just too good. Sir, the rotis made without oil. None of my family members are able to even do something like that. I do not still understand how they make it so soft. And the spicy side dishes I have tasted in so many International HR conferences in New Delhi and Mumbai, I just cannot stop admiring the food.

    It's great Sir that you now live in Navi Mumbai. I have not been able to move around much because of some family reasons. If I go over to any other city, based on first hand experience, I shall write an article as suggested by the author. Sir, I do not know if you have visited Coimbatore city. If you do so, try out Gowrishankar and Annapoorna group of hotels at RS Puram in the heart of the city. There are plenty of buses to take you there. And Amanda's at Avinashi Road is also very good.

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    It is good to remember that the ISC is not a place to fight like the Lower Primary class students. It is not fair to any member who enjoying ISC with a mature conscience, responding like an act of personal revenge to another member is making wounding the movement. Can anyone insist that everyone agree on everything?

    As a discussion, the response on an issue will be full or partial dissent in the forum. Everyone is free to express their ideas as their comments. It does not purely make the author happy or support his idea. There is no need for anger or resentment towards the person who wrote the response. Because of the thought, "I am the only one is right" is forces us to respond in such a childish manner.

    There has been a lot of discussion and write-ups in ISC's forum and article section about Controlling Anger. People who can't control their anger should read them at least once.

    It also asks the ISC to reduce the author's permission to write only once or twice, if necessary, after putting a thread on the forum. To get more responses in a thread or to get one point each, the author replies to each response has to be blocked.

    Everyone is obliged to maintain control over everything. If he does not meet his obligations, the editors must intervene and stop them.

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    The response of Mr. Wilson (682499) reminded me of a restaurant in Raipur. I was there for a professional conference and meeting with some of my colleagues. A restaurant "Dariya Kinare" is situated on the outskirts of the city facing a river (I do not remember the name). All the walls are made up of transparent glass and one can enjoy the view sitting there. The thing which was strange and I still remember was their kitchen. The kitchen was also having transparent glass and you can witness the cooking and meal preparation procedures.

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