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Here's an opportunity to win a cash prize for suggesting a unique indoor or outdoor activity/game for school children.
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    Classroom lecture contest in a child avatar

    Dear Members,
    It is time for a classroom lecture contest in a new Avatar. As we recently had children's day, we wanted to keep the theme of this classroom lecture contest in accordance with that. So this is an activity period of a school contest. Please read the guidelines mentioned below carefully before submitting your entries.

    Guidelines for submitting the contest entry:
    1: Each member needs to prepare a write up on a game, either an indoor or an outdoor game which could be played on the school campus. The game could also be of a type that can be played during one free period in a class or in between the 10-minute gap of two periods.

    2: The write up should be in an instruction format as if a teacher is instructing the students on how to play the game in one period. The person delivering the lecture could be any subject teacher, not literally the P.T. teacher who conducts outdoor games.

    3: One member can submit one entry and as a separate thread in the competition entries category of the forum. You can give a concise title for the thread. At the end of the text, please mention that it is an entry for this contest. After posting the thread, submit the URL of that thread as an entry for this contest, with a clickable link to your entry.

    4: Remember you can write about one game to be played only that should be appropriate for a particular class of students, say for classes 6-8. at the beginning of your lecture. You need to mention the class of students for which it is applicable at the beginning of the lecture. The minimum class to be chosen is upper KG and the maximum that can be chosen is class 10.

    5: This play or game should comprise of one period (class) only.

    6: There is no maximum word limit for the lecture or the activity session. The minimum number of words, however, is 200.

    The last date to submit the write up is 2nd December 2019.

    List of prizes to be won:
    Two first prizes: Rs.150/- each.
    One second prize: Rs.100/-
    One third prize: Rs.75/-
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    Let mine be the first entry to the Classroom lecture contest in a child avatar.

    (My entry to the Classroom lecture contest in a child avatar for the November 2019 month - 'Game - Balancing and Carrying the ball for class 1 and 2')

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Dear Members,
    Why so low response? Busy with Christmas preparation? But there is still lots of time for that.
    Ignite the game player within you and submit a game suitable for the contest mentioned here. You can also create a game that could be suitable for indoor or outdoor activity in a school and submit the entry for this contest.
    Please hurry up.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    My entery for class room lecture contest
    I want to post about a game which may be played in classroom.

    Note:- There may be more than one forms of this game I will discuss only one or two.

    Name- Mind activator (according to me)
    Class- it may be played by the students of 6to 10.
    However I want to prefer 10th class.
    Instructions :-
    1. Configure All students of your classroom in in a circle .
    2. Now students have to count one to next 1,2,3,Mother India, 4,5,6,Mother India, 7,8,9,Mother India,.. ...........
    I. e. They have to tell Mother India after every multiple of 3.
    Students which are doing mistakes they will be out.
    3. Now change the rule
    Students have to count1,2 Mother India,4,5,6 Mother India8,9,10,11,Mother India

    Complete this game according to above given instructions. This game tests about the concentration and activeness of our mind.
    We can add something new in this simple game also.

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    This is my entryfor the contest.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    This is my entry for this contest.

    A game of words in English to Class VIII students

    always confident

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    This is my entry for this contest:

    Moving in Circle and learning with number- For Class 1

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    My entry

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    The name of the game is Quick Change Catcher

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    My submission:

    Fun with words and enhance vocabulary


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