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    Do you prefer text news or video news?

    After the advent of smartphones on almost every hand, the telecom operators are also forced to enlarge their bandwidth and give more space and quick viewing of video content. In the recent past, the usage of video content has increased by 70 per cent. On average, every India watches two hours of video content on many subjects and thus video viewing through HD content would rise by 82 per cent by 2022. Do you prefer to read the text news or watch video news? What is the speed you are experiencing and or you made to wait for download process?
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    I don't like reading text news. I usually watch videos of news on youtube or on TV. It was in the past when I require newspaper on the bed to read but that time has gone after the introduction of the internet.

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    I prefer both. Even today, in the era of smartphones and internet, i like to read newpapers also. I watch Television for video news. Of course, smartphones provides both text as well as video news.
    We can watch news on smartphones in YouTube. We can also get news in form text on various applications. On social media, one may get both text as well as video news and that to fast and updated. My favourite app is Twitter. It is one of the finest apps for news updates. One may follow the official pages of news channels and get the notifications in mobile phone whenever such news channels tweets the news.

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    I generally prefer to watch videos. Because in my view videos are more capable to tell about any incident or motivational episode. Video attracts customers easily than text news, most of the people prefer or like to watch video than reading the text news.
    But this does not means that I always watch only and only videos. Educational contents and facts may be learnt by text news easily. When I review research papers then I use textual content also. Because we can easily read more content in less time through text. So concludingly I can say that I prefer both but videos are. my first choice

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    My preference is always reading text message. Always text news are conenient to refer back in case of any doubt. But if it is a video news we can't easily look back. Many times we have to rewind.

    Even movies I prefer watching on a big screen rather on a small screen. If possible I always prefer reading hard copy rather on a phone.

    Face book and other sites also I prefer on laptop than on smartphone. Typing on smartphone is also a difficult proposition.

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    Text news is desirable for a regular reader. But the old newspaper reading is not interested in the new generation. This is because most of the new generation are on TV. They have grown up watching the news. Anyway, watching the news with the footage seems to be good for people who have more spare time.

    It is already getting text and voice news in the morning and afternoon in WhatsApp here. All of the main news is getting through it. With a news reading beyond that, I think there is no scope here for watching the news footage now. This news broadcasting is free to all who subscribed to the WhatsApp group.

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    I prefer both as text news provides updation at regular interval and one gets to know about fresh news in no time. For more clarification and information about the news with evidence, pictures and data, I prefer videos. It is not that I need to watch it on mobile but it is better to watch on TV with headlines and other details.

    Now a days, we have a number of news channels that keep on reporting updated news, some are precise while some keeps on beating around the bush and hence, one needs to change channels to find the correct and accurate story of the incident.

    For sports like Cricket, Football, Athletics, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, etc, I prefer getting live updates through text and watch the highlights on TV. If I am at home, I do watch the games but at the workplace, the scores are only the option to be updated about the match.

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