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    Can social networking platforms help to bring in much needed social reforms?

    The entire nation becomes angry, the media goes crazy and almost everyone becomes active on the social media to vent their anger. I am not talking about any particular incident after which these types of things happen but these types of incidents happen at times. These types of reactions of the public are visible in a local area too and it becomes the talk of the town. The reaction is very natural among the general public but the higher authorities, especially those who are the guardians of law should not be emotional. Emotion plays an important role in our lives but that should not interfere in our decision making. When the country was not free, people came together to fight against the British. People faced the torture of British and raised their voice, they started a revolt and after a lot of efforts, the country became free of foreign rulers. During the freedom struggle, there were various movements initiated at different parts of the nation. People joined the movements without hesitation because they felt the necessity. Mind it, at that time there was no internet not even the basic telephone but people came together for a cause. There were leaders who initiated each movement.

    There are many problems nowadays, though they may not be as significant as the freedom struggle they must be addressed properly for a resolution. The political situation in this country is such that people cannot easily trust politicians. They know that politicians will not address the burning issues rather they will politicize them to secure their vote bank. Still, people continue to vote. That's the spirit of democracy – finding the tolerably better among the worst. When we talk of a mass movement, we think of leaders who will be able to lead from the front. To make any movement successful, a strong leader is essential. These days, people are overactive on social media and they share whatever they feel like. They raise the burning issues there. Others comment on it, sometimes some news becomes viral. There are many fakes that go viral which is beyond our discussion. The point here is a movement. A movement towards progression. People do come out of their homes to protest, though in many cases these protest movements are initiated by the politicians, is it possible to start a movement only through social media? Where people, without any political affiliation, would come and march on the streets to raise their justified demands? Can social media really bring in social reforms or people only like to sit in their comfort zones to vent their anger? What do you say?
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    Social media and sites have a wider role to play in keeping our country in a cool and stable mode. Whichever social media is there and functioning in this country has the moral responsibility to guard the ethos and expectations and therefore they cannot function irresponsibly by not taking action on bad and anti-India postings in their site. Moreover, rumour mongers must be kept away from the posting and those who create commotions through their postings must be banned and handed over to the law enforcing agencies. India government should have separate cell through which all postings must get passed.
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    The primary requirement for the revolution is a leader. A leader has to emerge and he has to take the people with him. That is not happening. Even though a leader emerges from an area, the other party people will not support him. So I think in the present condition it is very difficult to get these social reforms through Social sites.

    Many people express their anguish through these platforms but when comes to the question of implementation nobody will come forward. Telling others is easy but when we have to suffer no one will dare to go to that side. This has become a general phenomenon.

    The mindset of the people should change. They should understand that whatever change we suggest should start from us only. How many people are ready come out of their comfort zones and try for social reforms in the country? Again a Gandhi has to born or an Alluri Sita Rama Raju has to born.

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    Social media is a double edged sword. It can do harm as well as benefit to a person or social group or society at large. Social media can, if used in a proper fashion, reform the society as it has a very large networking capacity. Unfortunately there are some people who are misusing the power of social media and exploiting it for their own vested interests. Other category is that of rumour mongers and fake news propagators. All such people have made the reputation and integrity of the social media as a doubtful entity. Govt has also little control on these mediums as they are entirely in a different domain that is online and so far we are not geared up well to control the online media in our own ways.
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    In the advancement of technology and cheap data availability, everyone is hooked on the internet through one or the other way. Some use it to work, some to gain information, some for entertainment, some to motivate and some to ignite hatred among people.

    The social media has become a big part in our society and we know that many are addicted to it for getting viral or famous. They post any news without clarifying or knowing the authenticity of the post. Such post when is about our country, religion or any political party, people become emotional and then starts the agitation which builts unrest within groups, community and masses. People need to do their best to upkeep the harmony of our country and not fall to the trap of some rumour mongers or political parties who play game behind our back and play a good samaritan in front of the public. The game is played by every party or one who desires fame, power and money.

    People are literate, educated and can make use of the internet for finding the authenticity of such rumours, news, etc and act wisely without falling to the trap and upkeeping the peace and harmony of our country. Social media can help to make our voice heard and bring people together to protest as well as keep everyone informed about such intentions of rumour mongers.

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