Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evaluate the progress of education?

China has developed a forehead band to verify the standard of schooling of Chinese students. The result of a class has been available to teachers, parents during class time itself.
The instrument, which is placed on a child's forehead like a plastic band, is used by A I to analyze whether the student is listening to the class, distracted, or able to follow up on the study. All this information is immediately received by the Teacher and the child's parent.
The small light on the band placed on the child's forehead is green indicates that the child is getting interested in the class, and if the red light is bright, the child does not listen or follow the class.

Many countries stand up against using this instrument with students. This objection may be the mystery of having thoroughly analyzed the intellectual field of children.

Does this system facilitate educational expansion? Do you think it will be used for other purposes?