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    If you can't make a sad person happy, then who gave you the privilege to mock?

    We meet diverse people belonging to diverse cultures, religion and beliefs.
    We meet diverse personalities. It's not always celebraties or role models in the name of personalities. Each and every person has a personality because of its own unique individuality. Some people we find are gregarious, morose, frustrated,angry,sad,and in pain. Some we find a combination of emotions. We call them 'moody'.

    If suppose we meet a very happy person and we are angry for some reason. We must have realized later that your day was made when you met the happy person. But, if you had met a sad person, you might have shared what was making you angry and in return you might have provided some sympathy.
    This is a very wrong way to say that sad people are in seek of sympathy. Those who are in pain or sad are not in need of sympathy. They need love. Love is a four letter word. But this word has deeper meaning in every aspect of our life. Basically, my point is to clarify that if a person is sad. He /she might be suffering or maybe he/she is by nature. If we cannot make an effort to make a change in that person then who has given them the privilege to mock them.
    After all every individual doesn't carry a tag seeking attention. Some people are very fond of getting attention.

    So, my point of view is that we must spread happiness. We must judge people on any bases. We must respect each and every individual. Each and every one of us has the right to express and live on the their own terms and conditions.
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    Very nice post from the author. Unfortunately, there are people around us who pretend to be well-wishers and friends but have dig us at in front of others and that would make us feel low and even go to weeping mode. When we are sad, not a single person tries to understand the situation nor tell a few soothing words. But at the same time, they are ready to pass comments when we are low and that would enhance our bitterness towards life further. Nevertheless, we must keep away from those who do not like our little progress that achieved on our own and not borrowed.
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    @Annu Yadav:

    (Those who are in pain or sad are not in need of sympathy. They need love. Love is a four letter word. But this word has deeper meaning in every aspect of our life.)

    No, I would not suggest any girl to show love to any random person in pain as her love might be taken in other sense/way.

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    Different people. Different mentalities. So we can't behave with all the people in a similar way. We have to know the mentality of the other person. We have to know the condition of the other person. Accordingly, we have to behave. When a person is in need we have to extend that help. If he is in the pain we can share some good words and see what he will get relieved from his tensions and pains. Extending help is always better for the people we are in need of.
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    A good post by the author. Many of us have a habit of mocking on others or insulting others which from any angle is not a correct thing to do. Mocking on others is in a bad taste and shows our immaturity in life. No one is forcing us to help others but at least we should not make a fun of them. We are not entitled to do so even if we have helped the needy persons or any person during adversity in his life. Helping and supporting are the good traits and if one can do that it is one of the finest moments of ones life and the happiness is also derived by such noble deeds in ones life.
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    I would say that yes when someone is in pain he or she needs someone who may help him or her to relieve that pain and get relaxed. Also as other member said we cannot expect love from everyone they can sympathise us but not necessary they will shower love on us.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    It is not always easy to make someone laugh. To be honest I think that the toughest job in the world is to make someone laugh.

    But making someone smile is also very easy. The easiest way to make people smile is to smile as I believe that smiling is contagious.

    These days we see that many people suffer from sadness, depression, loneliness, and such issues. The best way to cure them to smile with them, be patient, go out and be in nature, and appreciate life.

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