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    Do you love soups and have a favourite one?

    The monsoon and winter seasons are the best times to have warm soup, but some of us tend to enjoy a soup anyway, throughout the year, hot or cold even. Today I tried out a clear vegetable soup, referring to an online recipe. In just a bit of oil, I lightly pushed around a clove of garlic and bits of ginger, then added a mix of finely chopped yellow and green zucchini and broccoli (the online recipe mentioned other vegetables). Then I added a bit of salt to taste along with black pepper powder and water and let it all simmer on a low flame for a good 15 minutes. The recipe had mentioned grating a nutmeg too, but I did not have it so I could not add it. I did not strain the soup but poured it directly into a cup with the veggies swimming around in it. It was just so warming and marvelous, somewhat akin to a soup served in a fine dining restaurant. Please excuse complimenting myself! Note that you should not add too many of the veggies as it will crowd the liquid part of the soup.

    Care to share some soups' recipes (we have quite a few in our articles' section) which you will have made from your own recipe or sourced from the Net? No need to give the entire procedure, just concisely mention the ingredients. I am a vegetarian, but feel free to share some soups with non-veg ingredients as well for those who may be interested.
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    Yes, I like tomato and chicken soup.

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    I eat and drink all and spare nothing but that bites back. I have tasted all kinds of soups served in restaurants. But, since childhood, my favourite non-veg soup is "Aattukkaal soup"( Lamb leg soup). My mom and sister knows the recipe better. It is an excellent soup for good health. I shall get the ingredients used when I go back to my wife who is away from me.
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    Just perfect to have one in winter. Soup, I hated it at first and my sister was a hardcore fan, she would always order one when we go to any restaurant for lunch or dinner and I would always avoid it but slowly and by bit, I tasted it. though not convinced at first, slowly I too got a curve to it and I too started ordering it when we had food outside and my favorite is the manchow soup.

    I have a friend and I visited his house many times. The best part is that they have soup every day for their dinner, it can be vegetable or non-veg but the soup is a must. I enquired about it to his aunty and she answered that they make soup of every vegetable, beetroot, carrot, tomato, etc and non-veg also.

    In my house, we have not tried making it but do try the readymade one. We do try the stock of mutton or meat but the recipe for it, only my mother or sisters know it. I try knorr or Maggi soup. They too taste good when the cooking instruction is followed.

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    Very rarely we taste the soup and tomato soup is the best and I like it. Normally in big gatherings, it is given as a starter and then followed by lunch or dinner.
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    Whenever we go out we will start our dinner with soup only. My favorite soup is tomato soup. But my family members like different soup. Individuals will order as per their taste and liking. Some times my sons will bring ready mix and get the soup prepared in the house itself. The soup made in the house will be very tasty. But my wife never enjoys soup. I always prefer soup with papad.

    In our house, we make an item called Rasam. It will be almost like soup and it will be very tasty when it is hot. I drink that rasam in the beginning itself like a soup. Otherwise, before taking curd rice I will mix rasam with rice and eat as last but one item in the lunch.

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    Soups are mainly given as starters before dinners in functions. Some people have the habit of having a cup of soup daily before lunch and dinner. Soups taken at the beginning of the meal usually increase appetite. I like tomato soup, Corn powder made soup mixed with pepper, chili or salt. We don't make soup regularly in our house. Ready-made soup mixing packs are available in the market. For health purposes, people use soups made with bitter gourd, snake gourd, carrot, beetroot, leafy vegetable soups, etc. As a pure vegetarian, I tasted these different types of veg soups. As mentioned Dr.Rao I too consume Rasam which is mixed with various ingredients like pepper powder, turmeric, jeera powder, red gram pulse powder, coriander powder, etc. This Rasam soup is very good for health.

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    The south Indian name for Soup is Rasam. We have Milagu Rasam(Pepper Soup), Thakkali Rasam(Tomato soup), Malli Rasam(Coriander soup) etc. They can be mixed with rice and eaten. Out of these Rasams, I like Malli Rasam.
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    I make soups myself and in variety of ways. These are supposed to be very good appetisers and in winter time are enjoyed much. The easiest and tastiest of all is tomato soups though there are many other delicious ones which also require some culinary skills.

    I have many times made the mixed vegetable soup in which we fully boil many vegetables like tomato, cauliflower, onions, garlic, cabbage, carrot, beetroot, corn etc together and then mash it and drain it. Afterwards, we have to mix black pepper powder, salt, some butter, a little bit of tomato sauce, basil etc. One can add some sugar, bread crumbs and cream also to thicken it. This is one good soup to relish in winters.

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    Yes, I like rasams, too and have heard about lemon rasam soup. Today I made coriander and lemon soup, using the same initial ingredients as for the clear soup. Instead of the mixed vegetables, I put in chopped carrots and onion, along with bits of lemongrass stalks and chopped coriander leaves, and also added some lemon juice.

    Regarding readymade packets for soup - at one time, I used to occasionally buy the tomato one, but over time, I got a dislike for the artificial taste, more so when the thick powdery ingredients did not really dissolve too well when put in boiled water. So for the last many years now I avoid them altogether and make them at home. I somehow cannot manage to have a bowl of soup in a restaurant as I feel kind of full and prefer to keep space for the yummy starters and the mains, not to mention the delectable desserts. It is more exciting to try out something new and something one is unlikely to make at home than a soup, which is easy to make at home.

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    I like soups much. They are so refreshing and tasty. A bowl of soup in the evening is a very refreshing drink. It is also a very nutritive item to be taken generally before the main meals. It is liked by the children much and they take it with bread or other accompaniments.
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    I would like some advice for thickening a soup like tomato soup so that it is not watery. The recipes online incorporate cream or corn flour, but we do not keep these since we do not regularly use them. So I put a tbsp. of rice flour, but found that it creates lumps. Is there any solution to this?

    Also, two further queries-
    1. I don't want to keep adding only black pepper or coriander leaves at the end as a garnish, so any other good options? Does cinnamon powder or nutmeg powder or cardamom powder go well as a sprinkling garnish for any particular kind of vegetarian soup?
    2. What is the best way to make a beetroot soup? Steam and grate? Steam and blend cubes? What else to add to it or have it as it is?

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    For garnishing generally thin lines of cream are used. Some people even use the white pieces of butter. I prepare beetroot soup by simply grating it and then boiling it for quite some time so that it gives out the sap completely. You have to add some tomato sauce in it to give it a good taste.
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    Thanks for the tip Neeru, for the beetroot soup. I will try it with tomato sauce as a novelty, instead of a tomato, though adding a sauce means giving it an artificial taste I should think.
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