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    Why do roosters crow with the dawn

    We all know that sound. We all have at some point heard a rooster's early morning call. But why? "it's in their nature" is a very easy answer. But where can you find a rooster? Roosters are a product of domestication. Hence their habits and behaviors should be seen as a product of human influence. Why would we breed them to show such traits?
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    A rooster is a male gallinaceous bird which is also known as a cockerel or cock, with cockerel being younger and rooster being an adult male chicken- Wikipedia

    Please clarify me on your statement in regard to roosters

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    Virtually, all animals follow daily cycles of activity known as circadian rhythms. Roosters have also this innate quality. What I have observed is that as soon as the rooster wakes up in day or night it crows and hearing its clarion crow other cocks also begin to crow. Almost all the birds can be heard chirping at the dawn or early morning but rooster's- crow is louder than other birds'. Which is why rooster's crowing is noticed.

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    Roosters have been made to make an alert for us that the morning has begun. In villages, the farmers used to visit the fields early in the morning and along with them the roosters also disturb their sleep and probably that is the reason they make the noise. But the urban roosters are seems to be different. One of my neighbours has seven dogs and two roosters which creating the noise whole through the day and that seems to be funny and unwanted. Why the rooster going on making noise is something the members has to discuss here and give me the exact reply.
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    In olden days people used to get up from the bed after hearing the crows of the roosters. These are an indication that the night is over and day is started. It is an alert to say that please get up and start your activity. I feel it is a the joy they express by seeing the day light and in that mood it make many sounds. It is like we laugh louder when we are very happy.
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    It is something to do with the biological clock built by the nature inside the animals and is particularly noticed in the rooster as it has a loud crow to make at the dawn. It is a part of the long evolutionary process where whenever the dark night ended with a soothing morning light, some reactions were built in some of he species to announce this in their own ways. We can see similar activities not the loud crow but some movement and renewed activity at the change of the day from day to night or night to day depending on the type of the animals whether they are the normal ones or the nocturnal ones.
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