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    Sixth sense vs Foresight - which is your forte?

    There is a sixth sense and then there is foresight. As per my understanding, the sixth sense is that an uncanny kind of feeling that something is going to happen, perhaps a chance meeting with somebody or a specific type of incident. Foresight is when we anticipate that something will occur. It may be an uncanny feeling as well, but it is more of the kind that happens when we have used our knowledge about something and intellectually applied our minds to it.

    I have had a few rare incidents of sixth sense where I just got the feeling that I would meet so and so person, and it did happen. Foresight has occurred when I have planned something in advance, to preempt missing out on some required things, say for a trip or a function.

    Have you experienced a sixth sense and it happened exactly that way? Do you have either sixth sense or foresight or both? What is your forte?
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    According to me, the sixth sense is different from the foresight. Sixth sense predictions are chance predictions which may occur or may not. Whereas the foresight future-telling is the experience-based act and that would surely be going to happen. For example, if the sixth sense says that some relative would arrive today, it may happen or it may not happen. As regards to foresight predictions, if a small child, is playing in front of the home and riding the bicycle and vehicles are plying on the road, we fore predict that the child is going to be hit by the vehicle sooner or later and hence warn the child.
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    sixth sense is a supposed intuitive faculty giving awareness not explicable in terms of normal perception. In other words when five senses fail to perceive the paranormal issues then 6th sense works

    foresight is the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future considering signs, precedence, experience etc,

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    Foresight is something which involves the maturity of the individual, experience of the individual and this is visualising what is going to happen. When we are earning some money with our experience and maturity and with some foresight w may think of saving some money for the future. This fireside will come with your understanding of the life and the experience one had or learned from somebody else . People with foresight only will plan their expenses of today for a better tomorrow'.

    Sixth sense is something different. This is a caution our mind will give you telling that something is going to happen. There is no basis for this but just an intuition only. One day myself and my wife were walking on the road. All of a sudden I got a feeling that something unwanted is happening somewhere. The same thing I conveyed to my wife also. I am not able to come out of that feeling. In about 30 minutes I received a phone call saying that my sister met with an accident and her condition is serious and we have to start immediately, She was in hospital for 10 days. That is a rebirth for her.

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    Sixth sense is a blind guess and remains so till it turns true and then one can categorise it under the so called sixth sense. Some people might possess it but it is not a reliable tool in our hands. Some people even do not believe in its existence.

    On the other hand foresight is one that we have with us based on our intelligence, knowledge and experience. It is a great skill but can be acquired with hard work, endurance and persistence of the purpose in our life. I am talking of the years 1958-1960 and that time in my village one of my uncles had it and he used to tell each and every student in our village to study hard as it will not only fetch a scholarship but also enable one to get a good job and after that a retirement pension also. Some people listened to his advice seriously and gained enormous benefits out of it in their lives. My uncle was working as a clerk in a Govt school and could foresee the growth in Govt service in the future. He had a great foresight of future prospects. I also learned many things from him and I also believe in sharpening our foresights.

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    Very interesting thread. I wonder how the astrologers predict! Is it because of their sixth sense or they foresee it? I am saying so because I have found many predictions remained just predictions though some of them went correct. For me, a few times my prediction through the sixth sense went right but there are also many that didn't materialize. Foresight is something that requires a lot of calculations. Experience is the main criterion of foresight and when you use your experience wisely you can foresee it. Predicting just for the sake of prediction is something that goes right by chance but if you give serious thought before the prediction there is a high chance of a positive outcome. What I found is neither sixth sense nor foresight is my forte.

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    It is sixth sense or foresight that some people tell what is going to happen intuitively. How they are able to do it is anybody's guess. It might be some hidden trait in them that is getting these clues beforehand.
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    Some of you have mentioned the sixth sense as being something intuitive. I think even foresight is intuitive in a way because you are intuitively having a notion that it is necessary to plan ahead and take some preemptive action in case such and such a thing happens.
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    Sixth sense means sensing the emotions I believe. It is much more than responding to visual cues. The ability to interpret emotions should be a sense too. Some say common sense is the sixth sense. I never believed that a sixth sense exists in us.
    Foresight is something we all are proven to have on other hand. Things that think will have a foresight too. Intuition and foresight are a bit similar. Intuition is a feeling about present while foresight is about future.

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