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    Does the world concerned about our little contribution for a change.

    Whenever we confront with the learned people or scholars, they always adviced their followers to do the things differently and their one change way of things, should impress others and also make great strides and impact on others to emulate. And there are people who keep on arguing the fact that the world does not bother about our change nor it is concerned about one person changing the attitude. But many feel that if the change is from one person, the entire society may change and bring a drastic move. Does the world concerned about our little contribution for a change.
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    No matter what we do, it's very important that we do something. No matter how insignificant our actions might be that even after struggling, we remain unnoticed and non-existent in the eyes of the people, we shouldn't give up. Hope is what propels us. Rome was not build in a single day. Before tasting success, we have to undergo struggles and face uncountable failures. Life is all about ups and downs. The effort we put to make a balance between the good and bad moments is what makes a successful change in us. To make a better world and bring a change, we have to start from our home. We have to make sure to keep on improving by taking account of criticism and compliments. Change is all about progress with small and steady steps towards planned goals within a stipulated deadline. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Keep working in silence and let success make the sound. Contribution small or big is an effort. Making yourselves vulnerable is a commendable job. To make a change, taking a stand by being vulnerable is definitely going to make an impactful change in society.

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    Any big journey will start with a single feet only. A pool of water droplets only will become ocean. A group of small ants can kill the snake. The strengthless grass when tied together and made a rope will be useful to tie an elephant also. This is the secret one should understand.

    We think it is only a rupee we are spending. But when you count all these single rupees they will go to hundreds. So we all should care for small details when we do a work. A small mistake may give very dangerous result.

    The same way, when we resist small changes our lives will be come bad. So we should not resist changes. But when we implement the changes we have to see all the details and then only implement the change. But good changes can never be stopped.

    always confident

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    Even a little contribution matters. It is the cumulative outcome all efforts which is ultimately the output of a society. It is said that little drops make an ocean. This is very correct in this particular context.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Every person who can contribute or bring positive changes in the society is important and has a value therein. There are many people who have contributed their bit albeit a small thing but that matters much when seen in the bigger and larger perspective. We have a playground near our house where children play and then leave. We told them to put the waste water bottles or food packing papers to be thrown in the dust bins provided in the corner of the playground. The children took the suggestion and in fact I saw some of them telling others who are new to the playground to throw it there only.
    Knowledge is power.

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