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    Indoor games or outdoor sports - which do you enjoy the most?

    During my school years, we had a house system and one day of the week was assigned for sports to each house. On that day, the sports teacher would assign a specific type of sports or games so that we got exposure to multiple such activities. I used to enjoy playing outdoor sports like throwball and basketball. I also liked only certain indoor board games like those which involved making words from alphabet tiles, as somehow playing the same type of board game such as ludo or carom was a bit boring. Table tennis and badminton, too, was quite enjoyable.

    Did you enjoy any particular kind of sports activity at school? Do you still play outdoor sports in your building complex or at a local club or in a public garden? What about indoors? Do you have fun playing board games with your family or even a game of cards?
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    During our school time we used to get one period free two times a week for sports and games of our choice. We used to play cricket and each of us used to get 2 overs to play. It was so thrilling and enjoyable in the open fields to play cricket.
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    We play cards regularly in our family. I, my wife, my two sons and two daughters in law will play cards whenever we have some free time. Especially on weekends we spend a few hours in this game. Sometimes I play chess with my brother's sons.

    During my high school days I used to play badminton regularly.

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    I used to play outdoor games like Cricket, Baseball, Football, High Jump, Long Jump, Shotput, Seven Picks in my schooling time. We used to play and enjoy Cricket even under scorching Sun. Carroms, Ludo, Snake and ladder, Business are the indoor games we used to play a lot. My family members together used to play Carroms game, especially on holidays and in leisure times. Children playing one-hour outdoor games daily is good for physical and mental health. It helps the children to relax a bit after heavy spending of time in their studies. Playing indoor games with their family members improve proper co-ordination and co-operation within the family members. I used to enjoy outdoor games mostly in my schooling time and at times even indoor games.

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    I'm a sports loving person. Not the one who mostly watches them on the TV, but one who actually plays them. Since my school days, I'm into playing one or the other sports. Among my favourite sports are football, cricket, table tennis and badminton. I like chess and card games too. Football and TT are my most favourite. Considering that football requires a large field and a good number of participants, I hardly get to play it anymore. So my only outdoor sports these days is restricted to playing TT. But I'm looking forward to play basketball or lawn tennis, as these games are available at the gated community where we live. I also sometimes get to organize sports events for kids during community festivals.
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    There are certain sports which need to be played indoors and has a fan following. But indoor games are restricted to the selective audience and not the crowd. Whereas the outdoor games are played with a larger audience in attendance and the enjoyment to be in the stadium gets more satisfaction and thrill. For example, the cricket is played with whole lots o fans inside the stadium and every ball bowled and the shot is enjoyed thoroughly, And what is more encouraging is the hooting and sounds rents through the air and that kind of large enjoyment cannot be possible with indoor games arrangements.
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    I like both indoor and outdoor games. In my Engineering College days, I used to play tennis and I was the captain in my fourth and final years. Now I play billiards and snooker only. I have selected tennis and billiards as they can be played at an advanced age also. I do not play tennis as I am a cardiac patient.
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    Free period, PT or sports were the most enjoyable class we use to have. Ours was a boy's school but very strict and active in every activity. From study to sports, dance, singing, etc, everywhere we were in the top 5 positions. We had different coaches for different activities or sports.

    During my schooling days, I liked to play football, hockey, basketball and even participated in athletics(long distance), volleyball, table-tennis, badminton, carroms, chess, kabaddi, etc. Though I used to play but only liked to play football & volleyball at any time. Other games were just like participation. On Sundays, when I am at home, I go to our church ground and play with our group.

    With family, it is normal indoor games like ludo, snake and ladder, UNO, KavidiKali, finding the pin, Antakshari, Dumb Charades, Kallukali or Pacheta (5 stone game), etc. These games keep us involved, relaxes and even fun to spend time with children and family. It is good to see them win or lose. It actually makes them strong and has a sportsman spirit.

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    Sports indoor or outdoor is something must, according to me. It builds character, reveals your personality. It motivates you to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. However, I have felt the need and importance of sports only in my late 20's as have not had much exposure during my childhood days. I think I had to equally pass the buck among my school, parents and my own interest for having not developed the habit of playing a sport during my childhood days. The prime focus went to only studies, have got the enlightenment though few years back. However, watching a sport did not take backseat and thanks to that at least since beginning of my days. Cricket and tennis had been my favourite and will definitely tag me as a cricket-fan. But, in the recent years I have developed interest towards various sports like pool, table tennis and indoor games like carrom, chess etc. and few I have mastered too. They give you a vibe of positivity and freshness for your stressful mind. Of late, Rubik's cube and sudoku tops my list.

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    I like to play both.Indoor games like carrom and chess.Outdoor games like shuttle cock,throw ball,foot ball.
    Indoor games helps in improving mental ability as more work is given for brain whereas outdoor games improves physical ability,for most of the sports we use our hands and legs.

    Participation in both the games is important but specialise in one game.This will help to learn more skills,understand the rules better also to build a smart sportsman.

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    My family (Me, husband, daughter, and my son) together play shuttle on every Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday and Sunday are holidays for my children. Just playing for an exercise. I don't know the rules of shuttle play. Only my son and husband knows the rules. We play chess and card games occasionally. I like to watch football play. A lot of time is spending on watching football matches on TV
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    Happy to see that not only are many of you interested in indoor games and sports but have also achieved laurels in the past and some of you are actively involved in them even today. If destiny gets our paths to cross one day, we may enjoy a game of badminton, table tennis or chess!

    It was interesting to see Suhasini's reference to a Rubik's cube and sudoku - something that one would not really put in the category of a game or a sport, but as a past time. I do have a Rubik's cube at home, but in all these years managed to solve it fully just once! Varghese's response took me back to my childhood days of playing 5 stones. That was not just fun, but quite competitive, with me, my sisters, and kids from the building getting together to play this.

    What about the outdoor game of frisbee? Any of you love that? I used to love throwing the disc, trying to angle it just right to fly through the air to the others and with breathless excitement running & jumping up to catch it with both hands when thrown back.

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