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    Can you image to stay without mobile and internet for a day.

    We all can stay without breakfast or skip lunch sometimes but can we stay without using mobile the whole day. We have become addicted to our mobiles and using of internet to search various informations required at the need of the hour.

    Can we all try to work with our office phone,office computer and internet just for a day.Will it work.

    I too had such a situation wherein i put my mobile for charging and left it at home.We have 3 to 4 hours of power cut and we cannot keep the battery for charging the whole night.Morning we get less time for charging the mobile again.That day i thought i will struggle with out my mobile. The contacts in my office phone and personal were not same which made my condition worse and a few phone calls were postponed for the next day.

    So please arrange your daily routines pick up items like mobile,vehicle key,identity cards,job cards or the correct dress code before you go to bed which inturn will keep you cool and safe to start your fresh day happily.

    Try to share your experiences on the scheduled day when you reached your office without your mobile.
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    In this technological age, it's hard to imagine a day without the internet or mobile but somehow if they are not accessible there are many other things to live with and I hope if somebody tries it she/he may end up enjoying it too. There are newspapers and books to read, there are places to go and moreover there are people to talk to. I have personally tried to stay without the internet for a day and I easily managed it for a couple of days. If the job you are doing doesn't require internet connectivity or a mobile device then I don't see any reason why one cannot live without those for a day. Actually, we are so compulsive that nowadays we feel something is missing if we cannot touch those smart gadgets.

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    Some people are using mobiles for many purposes like seeing the bank account, making payments, checking the various online storage data and of course the usual social media things and for them it is very difficult to think how they will survive without it. For those who still go to bank for small things and go to ATM for cash every week and do all the transaction manually, it does not make much difference. The mobile penetration is so much increased that every person even belonging to the lower strata of the society is having one and using it fully. You can talk to your maid servant anytime and tell her any changes in your schedule before hand. The mechanic will phone you before coming for repairs. So it has become a necessity rather than a luxury. What the author has mentioned is one day but I feel that people become panicky without it in few hours only.
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    It is a kind of monophobia, a disease a person is inflicted with. If somebody doesn't agree with me then I can bet of it being monomania.

    Apart from it, being addictive of anything or any habit which becomes necessity or indispensable, lacking of which makes the person squirming is highly pernicious for life. An addictive can not spend a normal life.

    I see Young generation is wasting a large part of their life on internet, particularly, children and I assert that parents are solely responsible for their addiction.

    Being elderly to children and teenagers parents and guardians must fulfil their duty lest they should addicted to this phobia or mania.

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    Smartphones and the internet have become a part and parcel of our life. Internet is a revolution. People are now more near than the earlier days to the other dear ones. This happened due to the advent of the internet. Our day to day life is so much changed and now without the internet, we can't spend time. We are all addicted to that.

    But it is good if we practice living without phone and internet. Intentionally we have to keep away from these facilities for a day and practice doing some other works. If we are really interested in doing it we can do it. There is no doubt about it. But the only question is how serious you are about it? You can try doing the same by switching off the phone or disabling the wifi. Then start reading a book of your interest. That will take a little away from this phone.

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    Yes, definitely I can stay off from mobiles and internet for a day provided am with books, magazines and newspapers around. However, I would prefer to have my mobile and internet access for various personal and official purposes. At the same time, when you are completely occupied with work and kids, am sure you tend to forget about them and those gadgets wouldn't be of great interest to you. Also, I feel the necessity of staying away from unlimited or a prolonged usage of gadgets to avoid health toll. Let's take a pledge may be on a daily basis as to how many hours can we put in front of a mobile or browsing internet which may be of a good start to avoid addiction. As far as experience is concerned, have had many days without access to gadgets and those days I feel had been really fruitful and definitely not less happier.

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    Certainly, the addition for mobiles and internet has become big issue and specifically for the youth of the nation. I sometimes try not to touch mobile and keep myself busy with books and sometimes watching TV. I also have a habit not to touch mobile while eating.
    Here, the role of parents is very crucial as i am observing that parents are the first reason for such addiction. Parents gives mobiles to children and that too children of 2-3 years just to keep them busy. This is where the addition gets started. It's my firm belief that Children below the age 18 shall not be allowed to touch mobile phones and keep them busy in fruitful activities like sports, arts, reading or anything else in which they're interested in. It will help them develop their personalities as well as keep them busy.

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    If there is no power and the internet is down for the reasons beyond our control I really get mad as I am very much active in social media and also on this site. Sometimes when the computer was out of order, I used to share from the internet cafe and I could understand that we literally go mad without the internet even for one hour. Though I am not addicted to social media, I feel restless when others are sharing and I could not do so for simple setbacks. Nevertheless, since cell phone has become handy for all users, even one-hour internet outage cannot be tolerated by the regular users.
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    At present, a day without the internet or smartphone is like being put in prison and it is not only the case of youngsters but even children and adults. The cheap data and call availability along with free downloads or apps that help to view movies, play games, browsing, web series, etc has glued the people to the internet or one can say have become addicted to it. We know that the internet and smartphone have become cheap and become a part of the family. Everything is available on the internet and when you have free data, one can make use of it at any place, any time and without losing time. The present situation is controlled by the internet or data or wifi. If we want to catch the attention of people, either we will have to cut the internet or pass the message through that medium like WhatsApp, Instagram, FB, etc. We get ebooks, epapers, web-series, latest movies, latest news, updates, notes, study material, online classes, coaching, music, etc on the internet and thus reading it from hard copy has reduced and many prefer to use the internet for such activities.
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    Most of the projects given to children are based on a topic where in collective information has to be either collected from cyber cafe photo copies or child has to use internet to get the information.
    Parents are forced to provide internet but supervision is necessary always.

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    I have missed my mobile phone only in the sense that if I forgot to take it with me when I stepped out, then I would worry that I lost it somewhere. I did miss my first phone (and still do) when it was stolen and even cried a lot as it was a gift. Otherwise, I do not really mind if it is not there with me, unless I had planned to take it along to capture some photos. If I need to make a call back home when I am out, I use the phone at a PCO and I am glad those are still around!

    As for the internet, yes, that I do miss when the connectivity goes. I get impatient to wait for it to get back, but then decide that instead of fuming over the service provider, best to use the time constructively by typing up articles. I also use such time to catch up on reading or clearing some clutter!

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    We have become so much habitual of this gadget that it does not seem likely that we will get rid of this necessary evil in our life. Why I say it as evil is that if we use it judiciously it is a good thing but as an addiction it is no good.
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