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    Why People in India don't watch government run DD channels but watch private channels more?

    In the past, as there are no many TV channels people used to watch DD channels only on their TVs. Ramayana and Mahabharata showed on DD weekly once became more popular. Chitralahari and movies shown on DD channel entertained the people. But as more and more private channels came into this field most of the people have forgotten DD channels. Even though we talk ill about the unending serial programs which are shown by private channels, the fake breaking news or unhealthy news shown by private channels we are accustomed to seeing them only. What is the reason for it? Are DD channels comparatively less quality in their production to private channels? Do you really regularly watch DD channels?
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    It's been a long time we last watched a DD channel. The plain reason that these days people prefer private channels like Star, Zee, Sony, Sun, ETV and the others is that they are lot more professionally made and have interesting programs in them. In comparison, DD channels have very plain content that do not attract the viewers much. However, that does not mean that programs in the DD channels are useless. Some of the programs are very well made and very informative. There are a good many educational programs that are very useful to the students, unemployed youth and the farming community. The programs on music and dance give opportunity and platform to many upcoming artists. Indian culture gets very much reflected and represented through the various regional DD channels. Maybe these programs are less entertaining, but they are high in educational value and quite enlightening too. One more good thing about the DD channels is that they have less ads and thus less annoying. For many, the DD channels are still the only window for them to the outside world. So DD channels are likely to survive for some more time to come.
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    Why DD channels are not watched, the reasons are many and counting. First of all DD has failed to live up to the expectations of the young audience, I see the same old face making the news reading and the news contents are mostly ruling party-centred with no remarks from their side. And coming to the programs, except for the one designed for farmers, nothing notable to watch. Gone are the days when I used to watch DD for Chitrahaar for old songs. Even the soups are poorly written and very poorly rendered. That is the reason being so DD revenue gone down and their elections analysis and poll results damn it.
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    Why Indians prefer their children to study in private schools than government schools?
    Why Indians prefer corporate hospitals than government hospitals?
    Why Indians prefer watching Private channels than DD channels?
    The answers for all the above questions will be the same I think. Quality. Quality of service, quality of education and quality of the programmes. Many people wanted to watch DD for entertainment. If that entertainment is not there in the TV programs nobody will watch. The anchors in private channels and the anchors in government channels are entirely different. The anchors in private channels are young and neergetic. The anchors in DD are more experienced. This will speak the difference. The graphics and visual display of many private channelsn excellent. But DD has to go a long way to come to that level and they should come out of the sheli and think beyond the borders. Then only the quality will improve.

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    Though DD channel once enjoyed rapport for inclusion of Chitrahar and the serials like Mahabharata and Ramayana attracted large crowds during the telecasting time but the had different programmes for farmers and students. With the introduction of private channels and their improved glamours, Viewing of this channel has dropped considerably. The audience like to have different programmes almost in all sections say different concerts, music and educational programmes and the anchors display their effective communication ability. With the progress of time, DD has lost its charm for the poor quality programmes and the anchors of the channel seem to have lost their energies to attract the crowd. To revive the lost glory, it needs rethinking how this channel can attract the present viewers.

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    I would also go with the feedback of the members that the first and foremost thing that the audience wants is change and to be true, I still find our Doordarshan or DD channels lacking behind i.e. stuck in the '90s. The quality, scripting, editing, programs, etc are far behind then the present updates that the private channels provide. The serials or programs are still the same types that we watched decades back. It is no doubt that the best serials, drams, music shows, news and other educational and government programs were well telecasted and programmed by the DD in that era but they have forgotten to update their technology, skills and requirements with the latest trends and requirements of the present audience. I still remember the Ramayan, Mahabharat, Funtime, Malgudi days, He-man, Ek- Do-Teen- Char, Rangoli, Raja Aur Rancho, Amchi mati Amchi manase, etc which were the hit programs of that time apart from live cricket and singing competitions.
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    The main purpose of watching the TV is for entertainment and people will subscribe to those channels where there is enough of it. So it is imperative that the private channels in a bid to increase their business will try hard for increasing the TRP and that can only happen when their programs are better than the others. In this competition the Govt channels do not stand anywhere and lose their TRP significantly. But as Govt is funding them they do not close down and go on with their own speed and content. So the real competition is between the private channels who are vying the viewers in one way or other.
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