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    Which browsers you wish to use mostly on your PC and mobile?

    There are so many browsers available on the net for us to install and use on our mobiles and PC. Internet Explorer is one of the inbuilt applications we get in our windows software. Other than this popular browser like Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera, Comet Bird, Yahoo are available. I installed so many browsers during the course of my use of PC. I found that Google Chrome and Mozilla are best for speed and safe use. Internet explorer works much slower when compared to other browsers. On my mobile, I am using inbuilt Google chrome. Which browser do you like most? what is the reason for using that browser? What is your experience with different browsers? Have you come across a browser which is working quite different from other browsers?
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    I also use Google chrome and sometimes Mozilla on my Desktop. Internet explorer really doesn't work most of the time.
    In mobile I have Google chrome which gives best results. Earlier I was using opera mini in my tablet. That was also good.

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    I tried every browser that was available and finally found that there is nothing like chrome and it is really user-friendly and to which I am very much habituated by now.
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    Earlier, in my PC, I used Internet Explorer for quite some time but later I switched to Mozilla as well as Chrome. I also find that these two are quite good in their performances for a good browsing experience. In my mobile phone I am used to UC Browser and Samsung Internet Browser and both are doing good performances. Now a days most of these browsers are capable of bringing back the accidentally closed tabs and there are many other facilities making them very versatile in their usage. One can use the app in which one has a good awareness and practice of browsing as that becomes convenient for surfing.
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    It doesn't matter actually. One should go for whichever browser gives the best performance depending upon the requirement. My PC has Google Chrome, so I used to use chrome. I have now taken a laptop and it has Bing and Mozilla pre-loaded. I use the Bing, whereas my son uses the Mozilla. Both are just fine. The PC being slow hardly gets used. However, in my tabs and phones I prefer using Google Chrome over others. It gives the best performance on Androids. Internet explorer hardly gets used, though in my office computer some of the applications open only on IE.
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    I use Google Chrome. I use Bing. I use Mozilla. I find no difference. The quality is the same. I am feeling everything the same. All will give the same feeling. You can use anything you want or available.
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    Earlier I used to have Internet Explorer and after updation, I started using Google Chrome and to be frank, I found chrome much user-friendly and easy to use than explorer. The Internet Explorer is very slow and takes time whereas chrome is fast and even has the option of bringing back the accidentally closed tabs which at times is very helpful. I have tried the Bing but was not that happy with the use and thus switched back to chrome. Many of my friends are using Mozilla and have a good review but I have not tried it yet. On my mobile phone, I normally use chrome and for downloading purposes, I prefer UC Browser as it is fast and uses less data as compared to other browsers. In our office, we have Internet Explorer and Google Chrome but I prefer using chrome.
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