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    Let s learn and emulate these unsung heroes as well..

    In the recent past, I was pleasantly surprised to see a servant maid telling small stories to two children who were just three and four years old. The children were from two different families but lived in the same apartment complex. The houseowners were so happy that this lady, who had actually passed the 12th examination, but deserted by her husband, was literally a family member in their householders.

    She would do all work and had the highest integrity. Though she worked part time, on many days, she would stay back and take care of the elders in the family. She would even go to the nearest supermarket and purchase all groceries for the family. People like her are indeed very rare in this world. Since her children were grown up and she also had her sister to support, she was able to somehow move into a one room accommodation in a distant suburb of Chennai, but connected by buses. The houseowners had sponsored the monthly bus pass, so that she can freely move around.

    She is one of our unsung heroes and heroines. They need to be respected. Their values are too good for children to learn from. We still have so many honest people like her. They are poor only due to circumstances. It is also gratifying to note that there is some support for the education of her children, thanks to some monetary help from people she worked for. She is confident of educating her boy as an engineer and her daughter as an accountant. We indeed need to recognise and help such unsung heroes and heroines.
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    There are many such people in our lives. We see many people like this. The servant maid in my native place just stays two houses away from our house. My parents stay alone there. This lady will be moving between my house and her house. All the works in our house except cooking will be done by her. Just a missed call from my mother she will be in our house. The money we pay is not very high. But the service she does is excellent. She takes care of the needs of the parents day in and day out. We all are very thankful to her for the service she is doing for my parents. Whenever we come to our native place we will be giving her some gifts. Of course, this will not make us run away from expressing our gratitude for her.

    I think you may find many people like this. They are very loyal and reliable and they never touch even a costly material also if it found in the house. They will bring it and give it to us. They are very rich in their ethics even though they may be having less money. In that way, they are very much better than many rich people.

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    I have my own domestic help too who is indeed very caring and helpful during the needy times. As most of the people would agree, for working women with small kids, if you do not see your domestic help coming in even for one day, it's like your day has gone for an absolute toss. My domestic help beyond her duties of doing household chores, have been a great moral support for me and my kids whenever we had tough times. The kind of love she showers on my kids and the dedication in being around with them is so genuine that the monetary assistance alone would not suffice for expressing my gratitude. I sometimes feel she is so busier than working women, toiling for the entire 24 hours and still without the slightest grin or tiredness in helping people. And true, it's just because of their financial condition they had to work for others and just that you have been lucky enough to be in a position to have employed them. Nothing else and there should be no disparity in treating them differently and of course, they are human beings too. And they deserve to be praised and made to feel special every now and then for their unconditional service. I make sure to cover their back ( her and her kids) all the time, in a way to express my gratitude. Also, not to forget have learnt a major quality of how to stay calm and composed during the testing times from her. They are definitely heroes in a sense and need to be celebrated.

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    I do appreciate the author for mentioning some honest workers around us though they are meagerly paid their integrity and honesty cannot be doubted. One of my friend who is a rich person believes his servants more than his children and even leave the house at their care. Many a time he tested by keeping the loose money here and there to check their integrity but they would not touch any money and material but do ask the owner for any requirement to which he immediately obliges. Servants have become an integrated parts of some families for their deep concern and integrity.
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    There are some people like that. They are poor but have values and convictions. They are the people on which we can feel proud and whatever we can help them should extend to them. They are the example of good practices and moral keeping in the society. Comparatively seeing even some rich people will be having traits below their virtues in all the respect. It is also true that we should take lesson from these people and inculcate in us that virtue and sense of greedlessness that is so rare today. Virtue is its own reward but we must respect it for the overall progress of the social outlook.
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    Some people love their self respect that they never succumb to the difficulties and untoward incidents occur in their lives. I regard a woman a lot for her boldness, diligence and struggle in her life. Her husband left her many years ago and married with any other woman. She has a married son who never looks back how his mother is. She has a daughter who is a widow. Under these difficult circumstances a woman generally depends on her parents and brothers but she didnot beg to them. She is a self employed woman. Her day starts at dawn. She gets up and goes to buy the milk from the local farmers and then carrying two buckets of milk she goes door to door to sell. Then she goes to a school where she works as a part time sweeper. After her duty she goes to 3 houses to work as a cook. In the evening again she sells the milk and cooks the food in different homes. At 9:30 her day comes to an end and she retires for home.

    She is about 55 years old but still sturdy and fit to face every challenge.

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    A nice post by the author. I also feel that we should encourage these people and help them in our own ways. They are definitely the role model for us. In spite of so much difficulties in life they are maintaining the grace.
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    Very good topic that is highlighted about such unsung heroes of our daily life and in our vicinity that are often overlooked but play a big role to make our life easy and comfortable. The domestic helpers are very much in need in every place and are to find people like the one mentioned in the post is even more difficult. There are many people who do odd jobs to make a living due to their conditions like financial difficulty, no support from family or not able to find a job, etc and have to take-up such work for a living.

    We had domestic help in our house some 6 years back and was like a family member to us. She would do all the work from cooking, cleaning, washing, taking the children to school, tuitions and back, etc without a grin in her face. My sister was a working woman and thus would rely on the maid for the smooth running of the daily chore. My sister would help her early in the morning for preparing the breakfast, tiffins and lunch before she left and would even help after she returned from work. The other routine work like washing, cleaning, would be completely handled by her and the house would be kept properly without fear or worry. She left the job after her marriage but she was very neat, clean and took care of as a family member. My sister would buy her new clothes for festivals and even other sisters would gift her clothes and other items when they visited the house. Our relatives too were impressed by her dedication and working style.

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    What is now clear is that there are quite a few or even large number of such women. They may work as domestic help, but they end up virtually becoming family members and do so much work. It is also gratifying to note that such women are taken care of quite well.

    Given the fact that social security is yet to reach them each of those who employ them should open PPF accounts in their name and help them to save whatever amounts they can. This is an uphill task, given the big fact that most of their husbands end up spending upto forty or even fifty percent on booze.

    Let us contribute just Rs100 or a little more into such accounts. Perhaps when our children earn fat salaries, they can be motivated to donate some thousands every year. Such amounts should also be saved only in the PPF account. The concerned person should be educated on all it's be edits. When the corpus becomes atleast one lakh rupees after fifteen years,it would help the domestic maids to have some security to take care of wedding expenses or medical expenses.

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    We have seen integrity and honesty of the maid servants deployed in our home. They have already been tested for their integrity several times keeping money here and there and they have passed with flying colours. However, we fail to offer extra incentive for their dedicated jobs. After all, they are human being and they may fall prey to some illness or may suffer some crisis. In order to tackle such crisis, the owner should open a bank account with a part of their salaries to be deposited in the bank and they should make their survants realise the importance of such money deposited in the bank. Educating them of the different facilities of the banks, the servants will be familiar with the different schemes and may utilise them in the hours of emergency. Moreover, they will develop the saving attitude essential to take care of the unforeseen circumstances.

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