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    Sankranthi kite festival - narrate your childhood experience

    For the people of the South, it is really a Happy Sankranthi, with the great kite festival. which gives greater pleasure to each child as they play with the kites for the whole three days. There are also kite competitions among friends and it is always thrilling to know each story as to how many kites they could able take off from the competitor's hands. During our childhood, my home was beside the railway track and we used to catch almost all kites from the top of our house and on average, we used to catch 40 to 60 kites per day. That was really enjoyable. Narrate your childhood experience.
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    I have tried flying kite but the kite would be cut by others very easily and thus I would play the supporting role of making the kite flying and catch the rim of the thread roll. These days were much cherished during my childhood in Mumbai. Every group had their own place and way of preparing the Manja or thread for flying the kite. I remember getting the wax type roll from the cobbler and pass it over the threads to make it strong. Some of the elder groups would use glue and powered glasses to make their manja strong but it was risky and fatal. Many would get their hand-cut in the process and we too would not go near them as it was very sharp. The three days of Makar Sankranti or kai Po Che was festival for the children as we would see kite flying everywhere and of various shapes, sizes, style and colors. Nowadays very few children have the taste and interest in such activities and I don't see many kites in the sky. Due to academic load and exams near the corner, very few children and few communities celebrate it with great pomp but to be true, I don't see the fun and joy as we had during our childhood.

    Wishing every member of ISC and their family " Makara Sankranti or Maghi or Magar Velaku".

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    Even though I settled long back in Hyderabad, I am from East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Almost every year I will come to my native place for this festival. This year also I am in my native place only as of now. This three-day festival is a very important festival. But here the habit of flying of kites is not there. The first day every state will have a campfire in the junctions of all streets and all children will come and drop cow dung cake garlands in these fires. New clothes and special sweets will be the attraction in all the houses. Every house will be very busy and happy with relatives and friends.

    All the people who settled in the cities will come to the villages and celebrate the festival in villages. I wish all the members of ISC a happy Pongal. I wish all will celebrate this festival happily.

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    I was born and brought up in the state of Uttarakhand where kite flying is very common not only during the Makar Sankranti time but other times of the year also. When we were students we could not afford to buy the beautiful kites which were being sold in the market. So we resorted to making them ourselves with old torn out kites or wrapping papers etc. The bamboo was easily available and we made thin sticks from it and with home made gum by boiling a little wheat flour we had everything ready which goes for making a kite. Usually we made 4-5 numbers and took it with us for flying. We also put a long tail of thin paper to the kite which gave it the extra stability. The problem was that we did not have the thread role with us which is so crucial for flying a kite. So we used to give one or two kites to the boys who have 2-3 thread roles with them and they gave one to us obligingly. It was a treasure for us and we enjoyed the kite flight with it. The saddest time was when our kites were destroyed by the thread of other boys who had better skills in kite flying.
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    We have seen the boys flying the kite in the open fields but during our childhood never got an opportunity to do so. We were always told that it was a thing generally done by the boys outside in the playgrounds.
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