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    Why donate an extra 1 rupee when giving a gift?.

    When we go to a wedding or some other function, we are giving rupees as wedding gifts or other gifts. When we are giving the gift as rupees, usually one rupee is given more. Instead of giving 50,100,250,500,1000 we are giving rupees 51,101,251,501and1001.

    Why donate an extra 1 rupee when giving a gift?.
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    It is a tradition that when we donate to God or give some gift in the form of money during an auspicious function it should not be given in even number and that is the reason why one extra rupee is added with even number amount.

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    There are many traditions and beliefs in our society that we go on following just like that. Some learned social and religious leaders made or introduced these things long ago and now they have become a way of life for us and we go on doing that till they are modified by other cultures with whom we mix up and new cultures and traditions are evolved. Earlier in our society birth day was observed by going to temple and distributing the prasadam to the relatives and neighbours. But now due to western influence we are celebrating it by cutting cake so after a few generations it will also be absorbed in our culture.
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    I don't know any logic or theory behind this. It is a practice that we will give 116/ or 16/- or 1116/- but not round figures. Is there any specific reason behind this is not known to me. Our elders followed this practice and the same is continued by us these days. But I never asked anybody this doubt.

    These days many people are giving some gifts based on the intimacy of the people and the closeness. Instead of money, we purchase gifts with the money what we want to donate. That is a better practice than giving money I feel. However, this is the individual's decision and we can decide as we like.

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    What I understand that by giving one rupee extra, we are giving more than the exact amount and that is the practice to kill bad omen or bad eye on the amount thus donated.
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    An interesting query floated by the author. It could be related to some belief in earlier times regarding the odd or even of the amount but later as it became a practice we are following it just like we are following many other things, which we even do not understand.
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    We normally take it as 'Shagun' or gifts that we give during gifts given on auspicious occasions like when a child is born, house warming, wedding, anniversary, etc. In our country, India, this tradition has been followed for centuries by everyone, be it of any religion. We take this as a blessing or good wishes and thus is used only when giving Dakshina or offerings or gifts but not used when paying for other works or say bribes, deals, etc.

    Many believe that a whole or even number is easily divisible like 100, 500, 1000, etc but when we add +1, it becomes an odd number and indivisible like 101, 501, 1001, etc. The same is what we mean by gifting with an indivisible gift to a newly married couple, it signifies extra blessings, prayer and good wishes and helps the couple to remain indivisible throughout their married life. An extras rupee or +1 signified luck and their wishes to keep the quest for continuous improvement in life, your talents, skills and abilities which ultimately helps the family, the society and our country.

    There was a similar post: While gifting cash why do we add that extra one rupee?

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    I would not consider an extra Re.1 as a "donation". It is very much part of the cash gift which we lovingly give. As mentioned by Varghese, it is 'shagun', that is, it is something auspicious for something good so that extra Re.1 is akin to a small extra wish. You may have seen on a birthday cake, too, people sometimes put an extra candle, for one additional happy year which is forthcoming, a way of wishing that the person celebrate another birthday.

    In my home, we have been following the tradition started by our parents to put shagun of Rs.11/- at the deity's place for every occasion when somebody is going to undertake a new project, take up a new job, etc. Everyone present is asked to touch the money and then it is placed there. It is a gesture of seeking God's blessings and good wishes. We even put it when somebody is going to set out on a trip, seeking blessings for a safe trip, a happy stay at the destination, and a safe return. It makes me feel good inside each time I put shagun at God's feet. Shagun is really one of the most beautiful traditions to follow and I hope it never dies out.

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    I repeat what I said in the earlier thread relating to this issue.
    "As per my understanding - If anyone gives something to someone, the someone should return something to the giver. Therefore, if a person gifts Rs. 101/-,, the receiver should return Rs. 1/- to the giver. The giver should not return with an empty hand. This has not been understood by many, but we are still following the tradition about the importance of 1 without knowing the purpose of it.

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