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    What did you know about Tenali Ramakrishna's son Bhaskar Sharma?

    As we know the Tenali Rama Krishna is one of the Ashta Digajas in Sri Krishna Devarya Empire as a witted and popular poet which we knew by History books. where there are some controversies rosed as "Tenali Rama Krishna is a fabricated story created by some people" because a person who is uneducated how he became a great scholar but keeping it all aside what is the story of Baskar Sharma who is Tenali Rama, son? What his contribution to Literature? Is he popular as his father? What are the history books telling about Baskar Sharma? What did you know about Tenali Ramakrishna's son Bhaskar Sharma?
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    We are aware of Tenali Ramakrishna and his overtures through books and videos. But for the first time, I am coming across the fact of Bhaskar Sarma the son of Tenali.
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    I read in Tenali Raman stories that his son was caught by soldiers as he plugged some roses from the King's garden. On the way to courtyard he,Tenali Raman saw this but without any second thought he just told,'brilliant will tackle through his mouth'. By understanding this the boy ate all roses and when he brought before the King the boy has nothing in his hand to prove so he acquitted.
    The whereabouts of that son is unexplored. Probably this post may get a light on this issue.

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    Ramakrishna's son is Bhaskara Sarma. He is also an intelligent man like his father and tried many tricks to win over the others. Many times he helped his father in winning over the rivals who made challenges to the poets and scholars of his kingdom and both of them see that they will lose and run away. Much information was not there about this person.
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    There would be definitely some truth in the stories of Tenali Rama though some of them might be added by the writers just in the aftermath of euphoria of it. Even if we see the stories of Birbal who was an important adviser to King Akbar, there are so many stories being told about Birbal's wit and intelligence. We do not know how many of them are true and how many are fabricated. When a person becomes famous for his witty dialogues and actions the people start to exaggerate about him. This is a general tendency in human beings and if some of the stories about Tenali Rama are fabricated rather than true, it is no matter of surprise. Regarding his son we have not read anything in particular.
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    I read about Tenali Raman of Krishna Devaraya period. He is like Birbal to Emperor Akbar. I read that Tenali had one son. But I do not know his name. I don't know anything about Bhaskar Sharma.
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    A good post from the author as many of us had heard about Tenali Rama and his wittiness but had not heard about much about his family. It is good to know more about the family of the learned scholars. From googling, I came to know that Tenali Rama had a son by name Bhaskara Sharma. He too was as intelligent as his father. It is said that he helped his father on several occasions to knock sense into the heads of vain people.
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    I have read some stories of Tenali Ramakrishna when I was a student and enjoyed those much. But I have not heard about his son and his stories so far and getting this new information only through this thread.
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