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    Have you ever felt power of prayers?

    In different cultures people pray the God or almighty in their own ways, generally as per the methodology prescribed in their religion or culture. Then there are the ones who do not believe in God but they do it in different ways like meditating for concentration of the mind. Whatever be the mode of focussing ones mind in such things the result is supposed to be the peace and calmness of the mind. This result has also been scripted in different religions and culture in different ways.

    Do you pray or meditate? Do you feel any difference afterwards as if you have gained some positive energy and tranquility of the mind? Please share your experiences and thoughts on this.
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    The power of prayers is immense and when it is prayed among the mass the power would be tremendous and counting. That is the reason being so the Pujas are held with many devotees gathering, the five times Namaz is being rendered with large gatherings inside the mosque, the Christians offer prayers during midnight mass on the eve of festivities. All these denote to the power of prayer. And when all the musicians render their own musical instruments in unison, that would be a great treat to listen. The Thyagaraya Aradhana festival at Tiruvayaru in TN is the best example of this.
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    Let me start with the quote from the bible, According to St. Mathew, chapter 18 verse 20 states "For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them." We all pray, it can be short or long, it can be just a word or the one that we have prepared, it can be alone in a room, with the family say Rosary, Aarti, etc, it can be with the congregation in the Church, Temple, Mosque, etc. A prayer can be of faith in the almighty, of request or petition, of dedication, of intercession, of malediction, of thanksgiving, etc.

    All of us have seen the advertisement of Cycle Pure Agarbathies(not promoting the product) which highlights the 'purity of prayers' or 'Prarthana ki shuddhata'. It emphasizes the purity of thought, along with the hope and optimism which is the core of any prayer. We need to have complete faith in God almighty and believe that he will grant us whatever we ask for at the right time.

    When I was trying for a job change, I had attended the 9 days novena of St. Anthony at Byculla and Novena of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor at Mahim, I got a good opening and am working in a good construction company. Everyone has their own needs, ways and approach to prayer, it can just a silent word in the mind or just a thank you but it does wonders.

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    The act of prayer has been there in all the cultures and communities since time immortal and has got its powerful effect on the human beings. Prayer is supposed to be one activity that can be done by any individual at any time however adverse or difficult it is. A person may be passing through the worst of his life but still he has a scope to pray and get detach from the materialistic or physical loses in his life. Prayer is an indirect way of accepting the power of nature in our life and also to accept and agree the things and circumstances destined for us by the mysterious force in the universe known as God or almighty.
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    Prayer is nothing but focussing your mind on a specific object and maintaining the concentration. This will increase the mind's ability to concentrate on a particular issue and it will give you a stable mind. Once you have a stable mind you can solve many of the bigger problems.

    After my M.Sc I have to apply for a fellowship for doing Ph D to CSIR. The notification has come and I sent my request for the application form. Time is getting over, but I have not received my application form. Those days it was very difficult to get even a private job to forget about a government job. If I get a fellowship I can go for a PhD. Otherwise, I have to join in a job. But those days there were no jobs and being a person from other castes the chances of getting a job were ruled out.

    That day was Ganapathi Pooja day. If I was not receiving my application on that day I can't submit my application for a fellowship in time. My mind is full of thoughts about that application only. While performing my pooja my mind was thinking about the application and I prayed to God. To my surprise, I received the application on that day and the story went on. I got my fellowship and did my doctorate.

    I feel my prayers are very powerful and God made my wish to get fulfilles as my prayers very powerful. I feel. Many ISC members may laugh and some may even say this is all bullshit. I don't bother and nobody can change my belief. Prayers are very powerful.

    always confident

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