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    Is it still possible to shame an enemy?

    Given the complexities of the social and political environment, where there is so much of hatred sought to be introduced on the basis of religion by a particular political party, and the kind of dynamics that follows in the public discourse, we often find ourselves at a crucial position. On the one hand, we have a good amount of values given to us by our parents. This is actually the spirit of non-violence, We should not do any harm to anyone who does something to us. Irrespective of the harm inflicted on us, we should do good to them and shame them. This should be done repeatedly.

    We do come across people who still do it. However, life is not that simple. There are "barbarians" at our gate as well. People who would go all out to give us maximum trouble, for whatever reason.

    How do we deal with such people? Is it still possible to shame an enemy, given the fact that things are now reaching a boiling point? If someone tries to cheat us for instance, can we still reason out with that person or persons? What is the experience of members in this regard?
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    In a society where values matter and discipline is there such things can be probably done and the shaming the person would also bring the desired result. On the other hand in a society where governance is poor and there are chances of retaliation with physical offence by the so called offenders shamed by others, this type of things are a distant dream. Our culture is which stands in our deeds everywhere and the bad elements will always be looking out for any opportunity to harm and offend others if no one is there to check their undue aspirations. A good social structure is a basic need for discouraging such offences.
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    Mr Sivakumar, why are you so worried. You are so worried these days. But I am not able to understand how withstood your anger when the problems to a particular religion people were created by the then rulers. Probably you are busy with your family matters or career matters. However, you need not be so scared and people from a particular religion are not going to be ordered to leave this country. I am sure.

    All these days you followed the same course of action that is withstanding the pressure and never harmed the people who are responsible for many cruel deeds. Extend the same for some more time and the issues what you may see are not as serious as what you have seen in the past by the other rulers.

    Even a cat when you hold it in a closed room and hit, it will definitely try to get rescued. But we are worst than those cats and withstood all the problems created to us. But I am sure these days nobody will have the patience what we had.

    always confident

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    My father used to always advise me to keep aloof or away from those who are likely to create trouble or panic for you. No doubt we are trained and given the best lessons by our parents on how to safeguard and move about in the society but certain situations we are bound to move opposite just to save our face and even our life. It is better to keep away from the troubled crowd which are likely to impress even the right person to do wrong. And we have the wisdom to decide what is good and what is best. So society would be wanting us in every corner of life, and we have to restrain ourselves not to indulge with wrong group. So shaming enemy not possible.
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    The present turbulence as being witnessed will remain no more provided the issues are fuelled by some political parties. We need to restrain our emotions and should avoid any irresponsible remark in a crowd. That will be enough to check the crisis prevailing at present. What is required is the objectives should be clear and the entire issues should be understood clearly before one utters in a responsible way. Such type of maturity appears to be absent at present and hence some antisocial elements are creating destabilisation within the society,
    The other way is to dilute the situation by keeping mum in the abnormal situation so that agitation does not turn wildfire.

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    You said:
    ''we often find ourselves at a crucial position.''


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    If some people are doing a wrong thing then they should be shamed for it. But the thing is that not only a few of us but the whole society should shame on them. When there is such a pressure on them then only they will come to the correct path.
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