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    Quiet, wait, watch - missed! The patience element in photography

    I love taking photos, not just on trips but also randomly when walking around. A cloud formation in the sky, a cute toy, an unusual pattern on a balcony, etc. There are times when I pause to capture on my phone a playful squirrel or a tiny bird. At such times, when what we want to photograph is in movement, we require a lot of patience. Not only you need to stand very still so as not to disturb the subject, but also be able to get that one photo which one really wanted. For example, not the squirrel on the tree limb, but a closeup of the squirrel munching something, with the bushy tail prominent as well.

    Then there are butterflies- really tough to get a snap! They are constantly flitting around and invariably when sitting for a moment on a flower, your camera is not ready for it. Have you had some frustrating wait and watch but missed moments in photography?
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    Photography is an art in itself. The exposure, the distance, the close up and the background - there are many things which make a photograph a prized one. Taking the photograph of playful things and momentary situations require not only the patience to wait for them but also the knowledge of those elements which are required to be absorbed for capturing those moments for time immortal. For example the direction of the incident light and its reflection from the object - these are two crucial elements which are not taken care by many of the people and that sometimes spoil the very texture of their snaps.
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    Yes, many time. I am working as environmental consultant and ecology and biodiversity expert and visits various site including forests and other ecological rich areas. Many time I come accross beautiful scene and I want and love to click these moments. But due to camera problem sometime I missed the clicks. Likewise I visited a vacant project site and many beaches in Vishakhapatnam. I was trying to click photographs from my mobile phone. Unfortunately, on that day my mobile got hanged and mobile camera stopped working many times and I missed many beautiful photographs..

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    To capture a perfect photograph, the utmost important thing is patience along with creative head and luck to click at the perfect time. There are many instances when we are about to click the perfect shot but just misses it by a fraction of a second. Like a bird feeding its children, the drop falling from the leaf, the jump of squirrel, the landing of a bird on the branch, the flapping of butterflies, the splash of water, the lighting, etc. These all can be missed by a fraction many be due to adjustment, selecting the mode, switching the mobile to camera mode, etc and that is when we feel down. I have tried clicking a perfect snap but misses due to such lack of timing and then gets dejected. Now, I just try to click random pictures without much focus or concern. May be due to frustration or impatient attitude.
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    Earlier days photography requires special equipment and skills to operate Camera and take a good photograph. But these days smartphones are the cameras in hand and everybody is a good photographer. My wife takes very good pics with her camera. She will be showing me the nice photographs she took. The bird on the tree, the just blossomed rose on the tree. the just hanging fruit on the tree. She takes everything and makes it so beautiful that we never forget the beauty of the same.

    These days she started taking videos of my granddaughter. She waits a long time to get her into the mood and then takes a video. She circulates those videos in our WhatsApp groups and she gets many likes.

    I never try many. Once or twice one or two photos of my own and I will just show it to my wife to get her comments and suggestion. She gives good suggestions for me to improve.

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    The author has really stolen what I too wanted to share in this post. I used to keep some food for the birds before we go for eating in the morning. Since there are big trees and bushes around, the movement of birds and other animals are often seen. I keep the food for the crow to eat, but invariably the pink-eyed cuckoo, kingfisher, dove or even squirrel would take away and eat. And the way the squirrel munch the food is the scene to be watched and appreciated. And whenever I wanted to take the video or snap the squirrel would vanish in no time. Probably the shyest and most active animal I have ever seen. By the way thanks to the author for coming up with natural posts to which every member would have gone through their experiences and would certainly make their presence felt through a answer. I was expeting such partiipation from you earlier.
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    I too interested in taking photographs. Many a time I failed to make a click and missed them. Patience is important to click and get what we want. Once when I was just sitting and relaxing in my front room, one Mina came and sat on my window. I went inside my room to get my camera and returned. It was still sitting there patiently to test my patience. I did not go nearby, but clicked it and got it. Am attaching it here.
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    I have some interest in photography. My observation is that the direction of the falling light and the close up of a particular item are two main things which help in getting a good photographic effect in the picture.
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    I am talking about capturing things that are moving, so in such a case, I doubt we have time to bother about the finer nuances of light, direction, distance, etc. By the time such things pop up in our minds, the moment of capturing the moving object will be gone in a flash! I am sharing an image that I took at the time of this fun outdoor activity. See what I captured!
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    Yes, it happens many times. Recently a cat was sitting on the bonnet of my car staring at me. I took out the phone to capture the picture but it ran away when I tried to click the photograph.

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