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    Handling the just born babies

    There are people who do not want to Handle the just born babies for various reasons. That the babies are so thin and delicate that even a small twist while lifting or putting in the cradle would make the child uneasy and painful. And I have seen some would not touch the babies unless and until their heads get balancing while lifting by the shoulder by the age of about three to five months. Are you capable of handling the just born babies and how would you make the baby comfortably on your lap? Just give your first-hand experience.
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    Till recently I was scared of handling a just born baby. But two years back when my elder son became the father of a baby girl, the doctor straight away brought the baby from the operation theatre and shown her to me and asked me to hold for a while. From then onwards I got the confidence that I can handle just born babies also. I used to hold my granddaughter from the next day onwards. Now I am confident that I can handle a just born baby. Recently my elder son has become a father again for a female child. I am able to handle her also.

    Now both my sons complain about me to their mother that I never handled them when they are kids but now I am doing the same to my granddaughters. Those days I was in my thirties and my priorities and g0als are different. But now I am aged and my priorities are different. All depends on that.

    I think females will be much better at handling and managing babies than gents. They know how to see that they will not cry and play well without any issues.

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    There is no question of male or female handling. The baby should feel cuddliness while handling.
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    Taking a baby in ones arms and then cuddle him is the great feeling that parents often enjoy and that is one of the pleasures of parenthood. The baby is so small, delicate and lightweight that you can completely envelop it in your arms and chest and it will feel so cosy and comfortable there that it will stop crying as soon as you keep him like that. Baby feels the warmth of your body instantly and communicates it to you with his smile and other actions. He likes it more than you like it. If you are an animal lover just hold a puppy in your hand and see the utmost happiness on its face getting that cosiness and shelter and warmth of our body. It is same thing with a baby.
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    What can be a better feeling than holding a baby in your lap especially for a mother the baby is a prized possession and she will always like to cuddle it and love it to the core of her heart. For the family members a baby is really a loveable soft entity and everyone will like to have him in the arms.
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    I have experienced the same when my niece was born and I was just 9 years old. I wanted to handle the babies but everyone would say that I am small and the babies are delicate and need to be handled properly so I was not able to carry them but they would place them on my lap for a while. After my teenage, When my youngest sister had her delivery and came home, I could handle them and I don't know how but I would carry her but would always place my hand on her neck to position her neck properly. To be true, You feel blessed and divine to carry or handle the babies, not when they are crying but when they are playing cause, handling a crying baby is a knack and we need to know their requirements. I was not fortunate to carry my daughters as I reached home only after 5 months and held my daughter after that, so it was even easier for me to handle. Some say one needs to be lucky to carry your baby when they are born for the feeling of a parent i.e. a mother or a father to handle or carry their own child is something which cannot be described and I would say the majority of our members would agree with me.
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    Handling new born baby is really an art. Even the mother of the baby have learn the same from elders of the family. Normally elders tells all persons should lift the baby. Though five new born babies seen by me in our house, I feared to touch or lift. In my 27th year I went to the hospital to see my family friend who delivered a boy (1983). As she was emerged with some cleaning work, she asked me to look after the baby till her coming. I told her to keep the baby on bed and I take care but she refused and gave the baby in my hand. I had the baby in my hand with fear till her coming . He is the first baby I kept in my hand in my life.

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    From my childhood i would love kids, speak and make pranks to see their charming face.

    My first experience was with my neighbour's daughter who was so comfortable to stay with me. I would walk carrying the sleeping baby for more than a kilo metre yet see would not get disturbed.

    I can easily handle the baby from the day one and can also bathe three month old children by myself. It is an art as my friends suggest.

    My children are always comfortable with me for the songs i sing for them. For my daughter i sing "showers of blessings". A few telugu laali song make her so happy.

    Each mother has her own song to make the baby cuddle than the regular ones. This uniqueness kneads the affectionate bond. Child identifies the special person through her melodious voice, touch as mother in the early days.

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