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    Why the mighty is always right and asserting?

    In our life, we make friends with those who are mightier than us, equal like us and weaker than us. While the friends with equal strength and even the weakest friends are no botheration to us. But those who are stronger and mighty always assert their position and try to prevail on us with their viewpoint and even try to influence us to two their thoughts. Though we may feel uneasy to continue a friendship with them they would be interested to continue with us just because they enjoy our uneasiness and succumbing tendency towards them. Why the mighty is always right and asserting?
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    The mighty need not be right always. They may be assertive. When your boss is with you, you are strong. If you are sure that your boss will be accepting whatever you say you will be strong. But the main problem is the boss. The boss never supports the right. He always supports those people who will always say yes to them.

    Our AB Siva Kumar will agree with my point that the more you say yes to your boss you be more stronger in the organisation. Strong people may appear as if they are right but many times they proved wrong. There are many examples where stronger people lost the game as God is not there on their side.
    Someone asked Krishna that Pandavas are very good devotees of you. But why did you made them lose? The reply given is very apt and we all should understand. He will help to the people who asked for his help. Duryodhana asked Sakuni to play as he knows that he was not a good player. But Dharmaja knows that he is a very good player and he can win over Sakuni. That is why he never asked for the help of Krishna. The essence is that strong people may also be proved wrong if they have no confidence in God and who think that they can do anything they want.

    always confident

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    The mighty must be having overconfidence that they are always right.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with you. It's a reality that friendship of unequal people is never deep. Wealthy and rich can't be a true friend of a poor or a socially lower status person regardless the latter sincerely assumes former as his friend.

    A self assertive person assumes himself as prima donna and wants to see everyone as meek if he isn't equal to his status. I always stay away from such people because I can't tolerate their hubris.

    One who loves self respect will never stoop before a haughty person let alone being a friend of his.

    However, I see some of cunning people having the friendship with them to get ingratituded and use them for their personal gains.

    Dr Rao is right that arrogant boss likes sycophant. I know a person who is an account cum cashier in a school. He has been caught purloining the money several times. Staff even principal complained of his embezzlement despite he is still on his post because he is a big sycophant.

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    It is said that might is right. That is true in many senses. What happens is that the person who has power can dictate terms, pressurise others, manipulate and get things done in his own way. Only mightier than him can check him or stop him going ahead too aggressively. Positional and financial powers make people blind in their judgement and they can go to any extent for protecting their own selfish interest against the well being of society or progress of the nation. It is not easy to be friends with such people as they may exploit the friends also if it is required on the way of their progress.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Some people are very powerful and dictate everyone under them and in fact people are afraid of them as if they will harm them in some way. I think if we are right in our thinking we should not be afraid of these people and raise our point soberly and firmly.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Mighty is right is true in many scenarios but with friends, I don't see that we may be convenient with this type of friendship and would just be a friend for namesake. We all have friends and they might be of any class, religion, poor, wealthy, handsome, dull, topper, etc but their company or friendship with us is due to their approach and nature with us and not by power.

    In the case of colleagues or co-workers or even someone in our locality, community, politician or from any organization, then we may have to keep good terms with them due to their power in terms of wealth, support and position. Such friendship may not be of true virtue but only based on points or support. Even they know the truth and would only indulge to show power or wealth.

    This nature is seen everywhere from society, institute, organization, company, offices and your locality or society. The people who are wealthy or in power would always try to play the bossy role and would even take advantage of their position or post and make others feel uncomfortable but that is what has been carried on from years. It is always better to keep a hand distance from such people as they are never friends but only want to show their power on others.

    Limit your "alway's" and your "never's." - Amy Poehler??

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