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    Changes in primary education in Telangana and Andhra pradesh

    Are you agree with new changes in education system? That is happening in states like Telangana and Andhra pradesh. English medium schools will be entered in next academic year. On the other hand, fifteen thousand rupees are being given to mothers of poor economic condition. In Telangana, school education department examines the skills of teachers in English subject to teach English medium school.
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    The question is not the medium of instruction. The real question is the skill set. What are the skills the student is acquiring and how those skills are useful for getting a job or getting a way of life? That is the need of the hour. How these two governments are addressing this? Making a positive move with proper planning and in a proper arrangement is very important. But I feel both the governments are not prepared well for this change. They are taking an orbitary decision without making a proper road map for the implementation of the program. Studying in the English medium is Ok. But are the students ready to follow? Are the teachers well trained in giving classes in English medium? No one is looking at this aspect. Now a few students who are getting admitted into the government schools will also stop going there. Is that what we expect?

    We have to see the implications and a proper study is to be made and then only the changes are to be made. Making a change is not important but how the change management is done? That is more important.

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    Both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are vying each other to provide the best education through government schools and there has been a drastic change in the education policy. Telangana has been insisting on better training and learning for teachers before they embark on the teacher's job. The CM KCR was very firm to make the government schools most sought after in looks and education and therefore advising even officials to put their children in those schools, On the other hand, the AP government in AP is going all out to make every government school teach in English medium as he felt the future of the students are bleak as they are not able to compete with the challenges and competition when it comes to career. Nevertheless, the teaching in TS and AP is going to be improved and the government schools shall vie with the private schools in ranking.
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    The state Govt of these two states are trying to improve their education system in some ways and whether it will be really advantageous to the students is to be seen in their progress and academic development. English has become a big issue as that is not now a British legacy but has become an international common language and no country can ignore it. In this reference the step taken by these Govt seems to be all right. Now as regards the payment of some money to the poor classes for the education of their children, it is also a good gesture but it will have its own repercussions in long run as implementation of such schemes is sometimes full of corrupt practices.
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    Education is a very important thing in our life and whatever changes a state Govt wants to do it should be done in a proper way after considering the pros and cons of the matter otherwise it will be a waste of time and Govt money.
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