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    Human consciousness is the rare, amazing and miraculous thing which happened during evolution

    There are many animals evolved on the Earth since its birth around 4.5 billion years ago and with time different live forms came into existence in land or sea or underground. As per the scientific theories evolution was a continuous process which is still going on and was mainly took place for struggle to survival and change as per the climatic and geographical changes on Earth. The changes in the nature are very slow and it takes a long time for the climate or habitat to change by itself and accordingly the evolution of species also follow a slow and gradual path and new species are generated or evolved with time. Today human race is an example of the extra ordinary evolution which other species missed miserably as only the humans have acquired a great possession called consciousness. This consciousness is of a high order and it is which has enabled the human race to do so much scientific and technological development and study of the universe around us.

    Many scholars feel that it is the most rare, amazing and miraculous thing which happened on Earth and may not have parallel elsewhere in the universe. What do you think about it? Please share your views.
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    Though it is undeniably human, scholars cannot agree upon what "consciousness" actually is. A mirror test can be used to determine if an organism is conscious of itself. But that doesn't work always. Even human babies are not conscious then until they are 7-8 months old. That is when they learn to recognise themselves. What is consciousness according to you?
    Some say that Octopus are conscious. But they don't even have a proper cerebrum, previously thought necessary for consciousness. Intelligence is often tied with consciousness. Crows are one of most intelligent beings. Are they conscious? Sadly we don't have a defined set of parameters to measure consciousness.

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    The evolution of various living species is very interesting. From day 1, the new animals started shaping up on this land. The animals made a lot of improvement and new animal evolution is taking place and they are intelligent than their preforms. Among all these animals human beings are found to be the most intelligent. Another interesting point is the younger generations are more intelligent than the older generations. So the process is always towards improvement only.

    But these intelligent people never bother to take care of the earlier species. So they are becoming extinct. Slowly the new generation entities are overtaking and making the older generations unstable. That is why we are not able to see many of the animals and birds are not visible these days.

    We should see that those earlier species also co-exist with us and there will be good harmony among them all. Let the intelligent animals never kill the old generations.

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    Evolution of consciousness from a child to an adult is the undeniable reality but taking it as human beings sans consciousness in primitive stage of existence is nothing but rubbish. This is also a false notion that ape is the ancestor of the human beings.

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    Consciousness in reference to human beings is their extraordinarily enhanced mind power, intelligence and ability to take cognitive decisions.
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    In the living world known today, humans reign the scene, no doubt on that. It is all because of the relatively higher place of humans in the animal world as per the intelligence and mental level. So, how only humans developed like that and other animals could not is a matter of great research.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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