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    Do plants respond to your caring?

    Many a times, I feel that the plants are also possessive for their owner. They bloom and grow well when taken proper care by their owners. But at the same time, they show their dissatisfaction as well when a third person is given the charge, though for some time. It has happened many times with me when I give the watering responsibility to someone else.
    On normal days, I water the plants in my small garden myself. I feel very happy and content myself when I do this work. And I do get the immediate response from the plants when I see them happy and green and swinging their leaves and small branches as if thanking me. But on a few occasions, I have to designate the work to someone else. And I feel that my plants show their dissatisfaction immediately. They do not seem to be happy with that. And they remain singed till evening or till I water them myself. At first, I tried to reason it with not a sufficient amount of water given, but then it should not be the case every time and with everyone else doing that. Does this happen with everybody or am I being too possessive about my plants?
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    There is no doubt about that. The more the care you take, the more responsive the plants are. Every day you water it. Every day you nurture it. Then you can expect good flowering and seeds and fruits from these trees. But if nature cooperates only you will get the fruits. Even though nature cooperates if you never take care of the plant it may not give the expected results. So both are equally important.

    In our house, we have a good number of flower plants. My wife and daughters in law will take a lot of interest and daily nurture them. We will get a very good number of flowers and we use them for worship to God in the mornings. If all of them go out of the station we will be watering the plants. But we may not be so careful, the yield will come down. This is our practical observation.

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    It is just an observer bias according to me. Unfortunately we can't easily measure life activity to solidify your belief. We can measure metabolism rates for animal but not effectively for plants. Locomotion almost takes 50% energy in animals. We can indirectly measure how much a plant is thriving through the starch in its leaves. But can a statistical analysis reinforce or debunk your belief? Belief works. So hold on to your belief. Your plants don't recognise you. But they can recognise your tending habits. The way you tend them is unique to yourself. They can sense the change in parameters and that can slightly affect their growth accordingly. I don't think plants recognise their owners. But they recognise the owner's habits for sure. The methods that are applied, I mean.
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    Plants also have life but they do not possess the mind or brain for feeling the sentiments related to their attachment to the owner or any other care taker. More explicitly they do not have a central CPU to manage the feelings and ideas if at all they have any. What you have experienced is a thought which is in your mind about the behaviour of these plants and probably that is manifesting in these myriad ways in your conscience. Some people care of their plants just like their pets and become sad if even a small branch of the plant is broken by mistake. It is the attachment we have with them that is making us to feel like that.
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    Plants are also known to exhibit some sense of response and without a brain how they do it is a mystery. There are some plants which if you touch will fold back themselves by the touch itself. So what you are telling in this post is worth exploring.
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    Plants do have life and they grow in any climate and condition and flourish according to the care they receive from nature and its owner. Some plants require to be watered everyday while some may just require to watered every alternate day or once in 3 days, or in a week, etc depending upon its type and family. As one member mentioned in his comment (#686873) that plants don't recognize his owner but they recognize the owner's habits or methods like the time of naturing, watering, amount of water, way of watering, etc. The love, care and affection are different from every individual and for the owner, it is very much like his own and they would care more than the third party. We can see that if there is person taking care of their plants and during his presence, we would see more flowers or fruits then during their absence, this is due to the care and nurture that we give with respect to the earlier owner. Every tree or plant has a unique requirement and we need to provide the nutritions or water accordingly which will help the plant to grow and flower or produce in a bundle. Anything in excesses like water or fertilizers can harm the products thus we need to know the basics before providing the same or learn the correct measure either from the owner or concern person or department or online for better produce.
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    I truly agree with the author observations that the plants also behave like a human being and they respond to the human touch of those who are habituated and caring to them. Once we brought the plants of Brahma Kamalam and it is the fact that this plant is more sensitive and religious attachment too and that is the reason being so this plant will not bloom at every home. When we first tested on our home backyard, first it was not responding to the watering and later it bloomed like big plant and gave 17 Brahma Kamlam flowres much to the excitement of neighbours and others. Normally six or seven flowers would bloom only for one hour in a year on a particular day during Sept and Oct months and for us, it gave 17 flowers which prove that we cared and treated the plant with the most respect and pray.
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    Plants are living bodies with the proper metabolic balance within their bodies but they are considered to have only one sense organ that is their external layer. They can sense the touch or feel the surroundings but only few of them have ability to respond against that stimulus like "touch me not" can do. So basically they cannot feel attached with the owner or regular caretaker but can bloom if the proper surrounding, suitable water-sunlight and care is given to them.

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