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    An excellent festive look around the vilage

    All the houses are full of people and a lot of smiles and laughs. All the houses are well decorated with flowers. Originally beautiful ladies are looking more beautiful with new dresses and ornaments. Gents are busy decorating the carts and animals. What an excellent atmosphere. Newly married couples getting ready and trying to share their experiences with their friends.

    This year I am observing a lot of change in the atmosphere. Competitions for ladies in singing and painting. Young ladies participating very enthusiastically. I am lucky enough to have some free time and able to spend some time in the villages. Really festivals are different in Villages. I think other members will be in agreement with me.
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    The author has well presented the festive atmosphere in the particular village where he is visiting and it is a good thing to note that he is enjoying this atmosphere much. Yes, it is true that some villages are very advanced and have all the facilities to compare it with a urban town. Another thing is that the traffic borne pollution would also be less there and the village social structure is definitely quite different from the town and we all know that in the towns people do not mix with each other so much. So, village life is a change from the urban living with which we are more accustomed.
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    Long back I attended a festival in one of the villages belonging to our relations. It was really very different than the cities. People there were having the real fun without much show off or things like that. I really enjoyed that.
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    I do agree with your post and some festivals are really a treat to your eye, feelings and memories. The way everything is decorated, arrangements, the togetherness of people, the traditional looks and an overall unity actually make the festival take an upper hand when compared to other places.

    In our place, we just had our church festival what we normally call the "Ambu Perunal" which is celebrated in the first month of the year i.e January, second Friday of St. Joseph, Saturday of St. Sebastian and Sunday of St. Mary with great pomp and color. The organizers have to register a year or before and they are the ones who will be looking after the arrangements, functions, decorations, troops like drama, fireworks, orchestra or gaanamela, procession and the money for the same. The three days are the main days of celebration but the preparation starts on the 1st day of the month with the Novenas. The organizers may be single, or a group of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, etc. Last year it was organized by 101 Moms from the locality and this year it was just 10 people. The functions had a famous drama, good firework and Stephen Devassy's troop for fusion along with a famous priest doing the liturgical part.

    As many of the people work in other states or countries, the church has come up with an online service that helps them to have an online view of every celebration that is organized in the church. This facility helps the Pravasi's to watch the liturgy and other functions live on their mobile or TV and enjoy the festival with the family or villagers.

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    This is the greatness of the village atmosphere as the whole village people would be the host for every guest and that kind of belongingness would not be present in urban areas. Really the author has been blessed to be amid the village life and having the first-hand experience of the happenings. If we the urban people live for at least one month in the village which is free of pollution and fresh air surely one can live for more months in the urban area. Because we get treated to such kind of inhaling good and fresh oxygen. And all the villagers feel that every person visit their place is the son in law and they treat the same to that effect. And on seeing the village well full of water and water flowing through the pumps would make us have the wonderful bath at the pump set and I know you are enjoying the eery bit of village atmosphere.
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